Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sparkly Winter Sensory Bin with Snowflake Alphabet Letters

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Looking for winter sensory bin ideas? Then try this sparkly winter sensory bin with snowflake alphabet letters.

Some of my favorite things about winter are freshly fallen snow and hoar frost. 

I especially love how freshly fallen snow sparkles. So I attempted to recreate that look in a winter sensory bin using glitter. 

Now, I am not a big fan of glitter to begin with, but I braved (and almost fully embraced) glitter in order to make this snowflake sensory bin. It was worth it, even if I did find glitter for weeks...

Winter sensory bin idea with snowflake alphabet letters

Sparkly Winter Sensory Bin Idea for Kids (That Includes a Little Alphabet Learning!)

Now, I could have left this sensory bin as is with some glitter, soap foam, and some snowflakes from the dollar store, but I went one step further to include a little learning.

See, when you have a hyperlexic child, the best way to get a little buy-in from them is to use their passion and interest, which for most hyperlexic kids, is their interest in letters. That's why I turned the snowflakes into snowflake alphabet letters. It really piqued J's interest to check out and play with this sensory bin.

You can get the full instructions for this winter sensory bin idea over on CBC Parents.