Saturday, August 17, 2019

How to Dye Sensory Materials (So You Can Make Epic Rainbow Sensory Bins for Kids!)

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Learn how to dye sensory materials, from chickpeas and beans to pasta and rice, with this collection of rainbow dyed sensory bin ideas for kids.

In my sensory stash, you'll find rainbow oats, rainbow rice, and rainbow boats.

Okay not really boats, but I wanted to rhyme, okay? 

Don't judge me for being so poetic.

But seriously, rainbow sensory bins are like the best. They're colorful, happy, and oh so inviting. The kids can't help but dig their hands in, swirling, scooping, pouring.

And maybe making a big mess on the floor, but it's alright. At least it'll be brightly colored and easy to see on the floor now...right??

Seriously, you're mere minutes away from stepping up your sensory bin game. Ready to find out how to dye different sensory materials for play

Rainbow sensory bin ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

20 Rainbow Dyed Sensory Bin Materials That You Can Make Today!

Here's how to color 20 different sensory bin fillers. Simply click the links to access the full tutorials.

I can almost guarantee that you'll want to dye everything on this list! There's just something so enticing about rainbow dyed sensory bin fillers. I personally find it hard not to play with a rainbow sensory bin myself, never mind the kids.

And it's a good thing that many of these sensory bin fillers last for months (or even years). Make them once. Store them in a zipper seal bag or container. And then you're set to reuse them multiple times.

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How to dye sensory materials for play