Sunday, August 17, 2014

10 Ways to Learn the Alphabet on the Light Table

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Light tables definitely make everything more appealing and are a great way to introduce kids to all sorts of concepts, including the letters of the alphabet. Check out these 10 amazing light table activities that will help toddlers and preschoolers learn their letters

10 light table activities for kids to learn their ABCs from And Next Comes L

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Favorite Alphabet Toy for the Light Table

Kids will love building letters, words, or even their names on the light table using this letter construction set. Not only do they look amazing on the light table, but it's great for fine motor skills too!

Letter construction set on the light table

10 Alphabet Light Table Activities for Kids

There are lots of different ways for kids to learn the alphabet on the light table. Here are some of our favorite ideas. Just click on the link below each picture to get the full details on the alphabet learning activity.

Alphabet sorting on the light table from And Next Comes L

Alphabet Sorting on the Light Table from And Next Comes L

Alphabet slime from Still Playing School

Alphabet Slime on the Light Table from Still Playing School

DIY light table alphabet

DIY Alphabet Letters from Raising Wild Ones

DIY transparent alphabet manipulatives for light table play from And Next Comes L

Homemade Alphabet Manipulatives from And Next Comes L

Alphabet cups on the light table from The Imagination Tree

Alphabet Cups on the Light Table from The Imagination Tree

Alphabet matching on light table from Teach Preschool

DIY alphabet stones for light table play from And Next Comes L

DIY Alphabet Stones from And Next Comes L

Stamping the alphabet in slime on light table from Still Playing School

Letter Stamping on the Light Table from Still Playing School

Alphabet matching on the light table from Kitchen Floor Crafts

Light Table Letter Match from Kitchen Floor Crafts

Letter matching with beads from Caution! Twins at Play

Letter Matching with Beads from Caution! Twins at Play

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