Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY Wooden Base Ten Blocks

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I've always wanted to get some base ten blocks for exploring math at home, but I find the plastic ones kind of...well, ugly. And the foam ones aren't any better. Ideally, I wanted plain wooden base ten blocks, but couldn't find any. Then I found the perfect solution at the dollar store! So here's how I made my own wooden base ten blocks.

DIY wooden base ten blocks for math learning from And Next Comes L

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I chose to only make tens and ones since it would take me forever to make hundreds and thousands. But I may make some in the future. Here's what you'll need to make the ones and tens as pictured above:

To make the ones, you will just use 10 mini wood cubes. No gluing involved. To make the tens, simply hot glue 10 mini wood cubes together until you make a long stick. That's it!

These DIY wooden base ten blocks look so much nicer than the plastic blocks and the foam blocks. They will be a great way to practice counting and place value.

Here are some other great DIY math manipulatives to try:

DIY wooden base ten blocks for math learning from And Next Comes L