Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Super Mario Themed Scrabble Math {Free Printable}

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Looking for Super Mario math worksheets? Then you'll want to try this free printable Mario math game that uses Scrabble tiles to work on spelling and math.

We've been doing some Scrabble math nearly every single day for about three weeks now. Five year old J just absolutely loves it! 

Well, he also loves Super Mario, so I created these Scrabble themed Super Mario math worksheets for him. It's just such a fun way to work on spelling and math.

In fact, we all love Super Mario in our house. Yes, that includes me. My all time favorite video game is Super Mario World for Super Nintendo (how's that for a random fact?!).

Lately, we have been enjoying playing Super Smash Bros together on the WiiU. We've even been collecting some Amiibos (you can see a few of them featured in the picture above) to go with the game. J really loves the Pikachu Amiibo while K loves the Kirby Amiibo.

So, needless to say, we have been thoroughly enjoying some Nintendo goodness in our house.

So it goes without saying that this Super Mario Scrabble math printable was a huge hit with both boys! That's why there's a little three year old hand grabbing for the printable in the picture. His hand made it into literally every photo I tried to take. 

Free printable Mario math game for kids to practice addition and even spelling!

What You'll Need for this Mario Math & Spelling Game

To do Scrabble math, you will need:

  • Super Mario themed Scrabble math printable (the link to download is below)
  • Pencil

Five year old J loves to add up the scores for each word and then write the letters in each box. Spelling and math done in one activity - sweet! Three year old K, on the other hand, just loved to match the letters and put them in the corresponding boxes.

Download the Free Printable Super Mario Math Worksheets

This printable is five pages long and includes lots of different Mario character names to spell and add. To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable

Looking for Super Mario math worksheets for kids? Try this free printable Scrabble math activity!