Monday, March 02, 2015

Learning to Tell Time on the Light Table

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Ah, clocks. They are a passion for my five year old, but sometimes they are the source of frustration for me (see this is hyperlexia). However, we still like to do activities to encourage his love of telling time, such as this simple clock light table activity. Plus, this activity was a great way to introduce telling time to three year old K, not that he got to play with it much...

Clock light table activity that teaches kids how to tell time from And Next Comes L

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Light Table Activity: How to Teach Kids to Tell Time

Here's what you'll need to recreate this clock light table activity at home:

Draw the hours on the clear plastic plate using the permanent marker like you see pictured below. Label the bottom of the shot glasses to show the corresponding minutes (from 00 to 55). You'll then need to cut out a minute hand and an hour hand to finish off the clock. I chose two different colored transparencies so that it was easy to differentiate which hand was which. Not that J struggles with that (thank you, hypernumeracy).

Materials needed for a clock light table activity that teaches kid how to tell time from And Next Comes L

"Oooh, a clock, mom!" J literally squealed with delight when he saw this light table invitation. First, he arranged the cups around the clock.

Learning about minutes and skip counting on the light table with this simple clock activity from And Next Comes L

Then we practiced telling time. I would tell him a time and then he would position the hands accordingly. We also did some 24 hour clock practice since he likes that kind of thing. He's more of a pro at 24 hour time than I am!

Learning to tell time on the light table from And Next Comes L

Clock light table activity that teaches kids how to tell time from And Next Comes L

Clock light table activity that teaches kids how to tell time from And Next Comes L

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Teach kids how to tell time with this simple light table activity from And Next Comes L


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    1. Thanks! I was trying to include a video, but it was taking forever to upload!

  2. It's a great idea, children can build their own clock and understand the time. I would add two circle shaped transparent sheets in the same colors as the clock hands, and they would have to put it in the right numbers in order to discriminate wich numbers do they have to pay attention with each clock hand. I don't know if I'm explaining in a clear way my idea hahaha Thank you for sharing yours!

    1. I think I know what you're trying to explain and I think that's a great idea, especially for kids who don't understand how clocks work yet. Great idea!

  3. this is great! I will put this on the feature section of the ULTG website when I change out the current links there!