Tuesday, April 28, 2015

30 Personal Questions & Prompts to Build Language Skills {Free Printable}

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To encourage conversation and build language with my son who has hyperlexia, we rely on practicing "WH" questions a lot. We also write and read mini scripts about how to interact in certain social scenarios and how to respond appropriately to questions. 

These 30 questions and prompts are a simple way to work on asking and answering personal questions for children with autism and hyperlexia. 

They will also help these kids to speak in sentences and learn sentence structure. 

And they're yours free to download. YAY!

Encourage conversation and build language with this free printable questions and prompts - great for children with autism & hyperlexia from And Next Comes L

Just before my son entered Kindergarten (and before I knew what hyperlexia was), we practiced these questions orally a lot. A lot of these questions were tricky for him to answer back in the fall, but now he can answer most of these questions without hesitation. There are still some that require a bit more practice. 

We also use these cards to help him to practice appropriate sentence structure because sometimes his spoken sentences are still jumbled. But with his strong ability to read, he can simply just read the questions and prompts word for word and internalize the sentence structure.

How to Use this Printable

Here are a few different ways to use this printable:

  • Cut them all out and match the question with the appropriate answer.
  • Have your child ask the question and you respond.
  • You ask the question and the child responds.
  • Keep the question and answer prompt attached (i.e., don't cut the cards vertically) so that you can fold the answer behind the question. Then your child can read the question, try to answer it, and then double check by folding it open to see the answer prompt.
  • Read the prompts only and see what creative answers your child may come up with. When I read the statement "I live in..." my son said, "Costco," for example. I can assure you we do not live in Costco although with the amount I spend there, I basically help pay their lease payments.

Download the Free Printable

To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable