Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Button Sensory Bin with Water for Kids

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Your kids are going to love this button sensory bin with water! It's a refreshing activity for a hot day and is great for working on scooping, pouring, and other fine motor skills.

One of our all time favorite sensory bin ideas to make are what I lovingly call sensory soups. Basically, it's water plus something else to scoop and pour. It's low prep for me to set up and it's always a win with the kids.

And every time you play with water, you can add something new and interesting. New textures, new colors, new scents. There are so many ways to switch it up to provide new sensory experiences for your kids.

Besides, water provides awesome sensory input. Especially on a hot day. And it just has an instant calming effect on kids. It's like magic, really.

Seriously, whenever we have a rough day, a quick fix is just to add water, whether that's a bath, running through the sprinklers, having a water gun fight, or doing some simple water play like this button sensory bin.   

Button sensory bin with water for toddlers and preschoolers

Colorful Button Sensory Bin: What You'll Need

Here's what you'll need for this super simple sensory bin activity:

  • Water - Obviously every good water sensory play activity starts with water. So you're definitely going to need some of that.
  • Colorful buttons in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors - Buttons are a totally underrated sensory bin material, in my opinion.
  • Kitchen utensils - We like to use a ladle, a big spoon, a whisk, and bowl, but measuring cups and measuring spoons are great choices too! Basically, anything that can be used to work on fine motor skills or encourage scooping and pouring. You could even use a slotted spoon and turn this into a button excavating bin.
Simply dump all the materials into a large plastic container or bin. Then you're all ready for some button water sensory play. This is why I love sensory soup bins so much. They're so quick and easy to set up! And kids of all ages love them!

Water sensory bin with buttons

Your Kids are Going to Love this Sensory Bin Play with Buttons!

I love listening to my kids as they narrate while they are playing. This particular sensory activity was set up for my three year old, K, while his older brother was at school. K kept talking about making a button cake. He loves cooking so everything turns into some kind of food for him. But it was cute to hear him talk about baking a button cake.

Child's hand in a water & button sensory bin

He also really loved scooping and pouring the water and buttons. And once he filled the bowl, he'd dump it all out and start again.

Child playing with buttons in a water sensory bin

Scooping and pouring activities for toddlers using buttons and water

Seriously, nothing beats a good old fashioned water sensory bin on a hot day. And this colorful button sensory bin for kids was no exception. My son had a blast with it!

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Colorful button sensory bin activity for toddlers and preschoolers