Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pumpkin & Acorn Sensory Bin with Water

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Looking for acorn activities for preschool? Try this simple pumpkin and acorn sensory bin activity!

There's just something about playing with water. My kids can't get enough of it.

So, when my kids are bored, I often put together a simple water play activity for them. Usually it is inspired by the current season, their current interests, or uses something I already have on hand. 

This pumpkin and acorn sensory bin is a perfect example. 

I love sensory bins like these because they require zero prep from me and can be put together in seconds. But I also love them because the kids find them engaging and fun.

Simple pumpkin & acorn sensory bin with water for preschoolers and toddlers

What You'll Need for this Pumpkin & Acorn Sensory Bin 

For this sensory bin, we used:

  • Water
  • Acrylic pumpkins and acorns - You can find these at the dollar store and Michaels
  • Bowl
  • Kitchen utensils: large spoon, ladle, and whisk, but you can include measuring cups, measuring spoons, and more!
Like all of our sensory soups, we simply just dump the materials into a large plastic bin and it's ready for playing.

Fall sensory bin activity with water, pumpkins, and acorns

Preschoolers & Toddlers Will Love this Pumpkin & Acorn Sensory Bin!

My boys particularly enjoy scooping up all the water that they can using the large spoon and ladle. They usually aim to fill up the bowl that I supply, simply so they can dump out all of the water. Scoop and dump. Scoop and dump. And repeat.

Preschooler working on fine motor skills with a pumpkin and acorn water sensory bin

Preschooler working on fine motor skills with a pumpkin and acorn water sensory bin

Pouring water into a fall sensory bin

Look at all the bubbles!

Autumn/fall sensory bin with water, acorns, and pumpkins

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