Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kinetic Sand Fine Motor Sensory Activity

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A simple fine motor sensory activity for kids using kinetic sand.

Sometimes the kids and I pair random things together. 

This activity is one of those examples. 

It's an odd combination for sure, but ultimately, it was cool, engaging, and the boys had a blast with this fine motor sensory activity. What did we use? Find out below.

Kinetic sand fine motor sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers

What We Used for this Fine Motor Sensory Activity

For this kinetic sand activity, we used:

  • A badminton racket

How this Fine Motor Kinetic Sand Activity Came About...

The boys were playing with some kinetic sand in a sensory bin out in our sunroom. There happens to be a lot of outdoor toys are strewn around the floor in the sunroom, one of which is a large badminton racket for kids. 

J picked it up and started using it to smack the kinetic sand. 

So I asked him a question, "What happens when you press the racket down on the kinetic sand?" To which, he used the racket to stamp the kinetic sand. It left a really neat grid pattern.

Stamping kinetic sand

Kinetic sand fine motor sensory activity for kids

Then J started experimenting with pushing the kinetic sand through the badminton racket. This part was fun! Pushing the kinetic sand through the racket is great for working on fine motor skills, but it also creates adorable little blocks of kinetic sand.

Poking kinetic sand in a fine motor sensory activity

Poking kinetic sand in a fine motor sensory activity

Playing with kinetic sand

It's also really neat to watch the sand fall through the racket while they poked at it.

Kinetic sand fine motor sensory activity

Kinetic sand fine motor sensory activity

So while this activity might be completely random (it is!), it's also simple and great for developing fine motor skills.

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