Monday, August 10, 2015

Minion Soap Foam Sensory Play

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Looking for fun Minion activities for kids? Then try this lemon scented soap foam sensory play idea that's inspired by Minions!

My youngest really likes all things Minions. He also really likes to play with soap foam. I don't blame him...I mean soap foam is ridiculously fun to play with!

So on a whim, I combined the two.

I had originally planned to make plain lemon scented soap foam, but I thought it would be extra fun to make it Minion-esque.

The result?

A super simple lemon soap foam sensory play idea that sort of looks like a Minion melting...

Minion activity for kids with lemon scented soap foam

What You'll Need for this Minion Activity

To make the Minion soap foam sensory bin, I used:

  • Soap foam

How to Make the Lemon Scented Soap Foam & Minion Eyes

I first whipped up a batch of soap foam by combining liquid soap (I use castile soap) with a splash of water. You can use a hand mixer, electric mixer, or stand mixer to mix the soap foam.

Then I added a generous amount of yellow liquid watercolors and 4-5 drops of lemon essential oil and mixed it up some more until it looked like a big bin of bright yellow bubbles.

Lemon scented soap foam sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

Next, it's time to make the Minion's eyes. To do this, I cut out two large circles of white craft foam. Then I drew black pupils, as well as the gray rims of the goggles using permanent markers. Then I added the eyes to the yellow soap foam.

Minion Soap Foam Sensory Play in Action!

For some reason, three year old K's first instinct was to poke the Minion's eyeballs. And, naturally, he would time that instinct with the exact moment I snap a picture of the sensory bin.

Minion activity idea & sensory bin

When the boys play with soap foam, I always set out a bucket of clean water and some towels alongside in case they want to rinse their hands off while playing.

Instead, K washed the Minion's eyeballs many times in the bucket of water and then returned them to the sensory bin.

Minion activity idea & sensory bin

This play of his slowly added more water to the sensory bin. As the boys continued to swirl the lemon soap foam around, the Minion slowly began to appear as if it were melting. It certainly was a lot of fun for them!

Lemon soap foam sensory play inspired by Minions

Lemon soap foam sensory play inspired by Minions

Super simple lemon soap foam sensory bin & Minion activity for kids - great for toddlers and preschoolers!