Saturday, August 15, 2015

25 Soap Foam Sensory Activities for Kids

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Perhaps you have noticed that we have gone a little soap foam crazy lately. Pop! Squirt! Splash! is partly to blame and, well, my three year old loves the stuff. He just can't seem to get enough of it. Soap foam is great to play with as an alternative to using food items in sensory bins. It is also great because it cleans up so easily. After all, it is soap! Finally, soap foam is great because it is versatile. You can make as much or as little as you want. You can dye it, scent it, paint with it, turn it into dough, make it bubble and fizz, and so much more! Here's 25 awesome ways for kids to play and learn with soap foam!

25 soap foam sensory activities for kids from And Next Comes L
Sensory Bins, Bottles, & Small Worlds with Soap Foam

Basic Soap Foam Recipe from Fun at Home With Kids

Minion Soap Foam (pictured)

Soapy Sea Foam from Twodaloo

Soap Foam Dough (pictured)

Rainbow Soap Foam from Fun at Home With Kids (pictured)

Soap Foam Sensory Bottle from Teaching Mama

Glitter Soap Foam from My Nearest and Dearest (pictured)

Soap Foam Car Wash Bin from Kitchen Floor Crafts

Ivory Soap Foam from Little Bins for Little Hands

Scented Soap Foam

Jell-O Soap Foam from Fun-A-Day! (pictured)

Apple Scented Soap Foam from Learn Play Imagine (pictured)

Chocolate Soap Foam (pictured)

Calming Scented Soap Foam from Teaching Mama (pictured)

Arts, Crafts, & Learning Activities with Soap Foam

Soap Foam Printing from Fireflies & Mudpies (pictured)

Soap Foam Letter Painting (pictured)

Color Mixing with Soap Foam from Teaching Mama

Soap Foam Sidewalk Paint from Teaching Mama (pictured)

25 soap foam sensory activities for kids from And Next Comes L