Monday, October 05, 2015

Pumpkin Addition Light Table Activity

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Looking for fall light table ideas? Try this pumpkin addition activity!

This little light table idea is a great one for fall. It's a great way for kids to practice counting and addition. 

While we did this pumpkin addition activity on the light table, it's certainly optional to do it on the light table, meaning use what you have. The light table is just a preferred surface around here at the moment.

Pumpkin addition fall light table idea

What You'll Need for this Fall Light Table Idea

For this pumpkin addition activity, we used:

  • Clear cups - We recycled our applesauce containers for this activity.
  • Clear container or plate
Label the clear cups with numbers using the permanent marker (you can see them here). We already had cups labeled from 1 to 20. Then place two cups, a clear plate or container, the pumpkins, and the math symbols on the light table. Now it's play time!

Pumpkin Addition Activity on the Light Table

Count the corresponding number of pumpkins into the cups. Then dump both cups onto the plate at the end of the math problem. Then count up all the pumpkins on the plate to find out the answer! 

Pumpkin addition fall light table idea

Smaller kids will enjoy the scooping and dumping part of this activity, which is great for working on fine motor skills.

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Looking for fall light table activities? Try this simple pumpkin light table idea that works on counting and addition.