Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Giant Christmas Light Suncatchers {Christmas Craft for Kids}

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You're going to love this easy Christmas craft for kids. Make an entire string of Christmas light suncatchers to decorate your window this holiday season! Great for kids of all ages and all abilities.

When it comes to Christmas crafts for kids, I always aim for something that's easy to make and will last a long time. I try to brainstorm crafts that are great for a wide range of ages and abilities so that my kids can make them together. It's a bonus if my kids can collaborate on the craft too.

Well, this Christmas craft happens to do all of that.

It's a perfect craft for kids of all ages and all abilities to make. For instance, toddlers will love ripping as a way to help make a set of these giant Christmas light suncatchers, while older kids can do this entire craft independently. They can even opt to use scissors if they want to work on some fine motor skills.

And everyone can make one, two, or more of these lights and then they can combine all their hard work into making one big long string of lights to decorate the house with.

I promise that these Christmas light suncatcher crafts are ridiculously easy to make. They even use items that you can find at the dollar store, making it an inexpensive craft too.

Christmas Craft for Kids: Make Giant Christmas Light Suncatchers

I love decorating for Christmas, especially with homemade Christmas decorations and ornaments. Every year, I decorate our tree with some of the homemade ornaments that I made when I was in school. And I absolutely treasure every single one of them!

My hope is that my kids will make some Christmas decorations and ornaments that they will love for years, even when they're grown adults.

Thankfully, these giant Christmas light suncatchers (or is it sun catchers? I never know) are made with contact paper so they'll hopefully last many years.

Like I've mentioned earlier, this suncatcher craft is great for a variety of ages, works on fine motor skills, and looks so beautiful hanging in the windows. Trust me, the pictures just don't do this craft justice! Plus, photographing around a grand piano is challenging so that's why some of the angles are weird.

Christmas suncatchers craft inspired by Christmas lights

How to Make this Christmas Light Craft

Kids of all ages - toddlers, preschoolers, and up - can make this Christmas craft. Adults are allowed too. Don't worry, I wouldn't leave you out like that... 

They're so easy to make and look fantastic hung up in a row, as if they're a string of real Christmas lights.

You can certainly make them as big, or as little, as you like. We, however, chose to make big lights since I have a huge window out front to decorate.

Ready to make some of these giant Christmas suncatchers with your kids?

Then you'll want to check out the full tutorial on CBC Parents (link below).