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Oral Motor Sensory Toys & Tools for Kids

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When it comes to my son's sensory issues, the chewing is the most frustrating of all. Zippers on coats no longer work because they have been chewed off. Puzzle pieces have been found soaking wet and disintegrated because they have been chewed on while he puts together a puzzles. Teeth marks can be found on most toys in our house. And I'm pretty sure there's copious amounts of LEGO pieces unaccounted for because of his oral sensory seeking.

I'll be honest. I had no idea that the mouthing and chewing stage would continue beyond infancy and young toddlerhood. I just didn't know better, obviously. But the reality is that many kids continue to chew as they grow older. At six, my son chews on literally everything that's in reach. Sometimes the objects are safe to chew on, but many times they are not.

So save those zippers.

Save those puzzles.

Save those siblings from bite markers.

Save those LEGOmen's heads from a trip down the intestines.

Instead, stock up on these wonderful oral motor sensory toys and suggestions for kids! These ideas would also be perfect for stuffing in your child's stocking at Christmastime.

Oral motor sensory toys for kids who chew on everything - great for kids with autsim and/or sensory processing issues from And Next Comes L

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Oral Motor Sensory Toys & Suggestions for Kids

1. Chewable Necklaces

There are so many stylish options for chewable necklaces, but my favorites would be:

ARK Therapeutic Brick Stick Texture Chew Necklace

2. Bubbles

A bottle of bubbles is sure to be a hit with any kid, but it also provides excellent oral motor sensory input to those kids who seek this kind of input. You could easily stock up on bubbles at the dollar store, making it a cheap stocking stuffer idea for Christmas.

3. Chewy Pencil Toppers

My son just recently got chewy pencil toppers similar to these Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers and ARK's Krypto-Bite for school. They have been really helpful for him since he would normally try to chew on the end of the pencil.

4. Oral Motor Sensory Activity Cards

If your child needs a quick oral motor sensory activity, then these Can Do Oral Motor Fun Deck cards might be the perfect game to play.

Can Do Oral Motor Fun Deck cards

5. Electric Vibrating Toothbrush

I always put a new toothbrush in my kids' stockings every Christmas. Boring, I know, but I'm a practical person. But if your kid is likely to chew a regular toothbrush to bits, then invest in a good electric vibrating toothbrush. They are great for providing lots of oral sensory input for kids!

6. Natural, Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

We prefer to use natural, sugar-free gum like Spry (fruit flavor is our favorite!), Pur (the pomegranate mint is delicious!), or Glee Gum (try the triple berry!). I always carry a pack in my purse and there's always one in my son's school backpack. Chewing gum is also a great sweet treat to include in a stocking at Christmastime!

7. Small Wind Musical Instrument

Kazoos, whistles, harmonicas, or even the dreaded recorder all make wonderful stocking stuffer ideas for kids who are oral motor sensory seekers. Definitely hit up the dollar store for one of these! Party blowers would also be a good alternative although they won't last as long.

8. Chewable Bracelets

If your kid isn't fond of wearing necklaces, then a chewable bracelet might be a better bet for your child. There's lots of great options like:

Wave Chew Bracelet

Tread chewable bangle

Tactile Tiger Chewable Armband

9. Fun, Twisty Straws

Drinking thick liquids like smoothies, milkshakes, or even applesauce provides wonderful oral motor sensory input, but doing so through a fun twisty straw can make it even more fun and challenging. Stuffing a few of these into stockings at Christmastime is definitely a good idea!

10. Chewy Tubes or Sticks

And when all of these other ideas aren't cutting it, sometimes you just need to invest in a good chew toy. You can even get scented and flavored ones! Here are a few different ideas to consider:

Chewy Tubes P & Q

Chewy Tubes Super Chew Knobby

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Oral motor sensory toys for kids who chew on everything - great for kids with autsim and/or sensory processing issues from And Next Comes L