Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Sensory Bin with Scented Water Beads

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Looking for sensory bin ideas for Easter to keep your toddlers or preschoolers busy? Try this Easter sensory bin with scented water beads and plastic eggs.

When it comes to Easter activities for kids, using plastic eggs is a no brainer. The kids just love them! So it's fun to pair them with wet and slimy lavender scented water beads in this super simple Easter sensory bin.

It's a quick and easy bin to put together, especially if you already have some water beads on hand in your sensory materials collection like we do.

Easter sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

Simple Easter Sensory Bin for Kids

For this Easter egg sensory bin, we used:

It's been awhile since we played with our water beads so they were starting to smell a bit stale. So I rinsed them with water before adding them to our sensory bin.

I then added a couple drops of lavender essential oil to freshen up the water beads. So the sensory bin ended up being a scented one, but is completely optional.

Then I just added a variety of plastic Easter eggs to the sensory bin. I used small ones, glittery ones, and large ones to provide a variety of sizes and textures.

Scented water beads and plastic eggs in an Easter sensory box

Playing with an Easter Sensory Bin

This Easter sensory box is full of different textures and sensory experiences, from slimy, squishy water beads to hard, plastic eggs. It's so inviting and colorful!

Scented water beads and plastic eggs in an Easter sensory box

This sensory bin is also great for working on fine motor skills by opening and closing the eggs. My four year old really enjoyed opening up the eggs and scooping some water beads inside before closing it back up.

Easter egg sensory bin idea for kids

Easter sensory bin idea for kids

He also really enjoyed squishing the water beads in his hands. Who doesn't? I mean I love doing that too.

Sensory bin idea for Easter

He then took our storage container (a large ice cream pail) and used that to play with. He would scoop up some beads into the pail and then close the lid. He also tried shaking the closed container to make some music! Then he would throw the pail up and let it land in the sensory bin. The lid would pop off and the beads would spill out. Thankfully, water beads didn't end up everywhere because they have a tendency to bounce and run off all over the place!

Sensory bin idea for Easter

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