Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Best Pokemon Toys, Books, Games, & Apps for Kids

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In addition to playing and learning with our Pokemon themed activities and crafts, we also love to read Pokemon books and play with Pokemon toys and games. Here are some of our absolute favorite Pokemon toys, games, books, and apps for kids.

The best Pokemon books, games, toys, and apps for kids from And Next Comes L

This post contains affiliate links.

Best Pokemon Books & Toys for Kids

My kids cannot stop reading everything they can about Pokemon, especially J. Here are some of our favorite books and toys.

Best Pokemon Video Games & Board Games for Kids

My boys love to play Pokemon on the 3DS, but they enjoy playing other Pokemon games (beyond the card game, obviously!).

Best Pokemon Apps for Kids

We like to play Pokemon while on the go! Here are some awesome, and totally free, Pokemon apps for kids.

  • Pokemon Camp (FREE) - This app is so much fun! The kids can throw Pokeballs and catch Pokemon, play matching games, and more!
  • Pokemon TV (FREE) - Allows you to watch full episodes (and movies!) of Pokemon. 
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (FREE - iPad only) - Play the Pokemon card game online. If you are new to learning the rules of Pokemon, then this online game is the easiest way to learn all of the rules.
  • Pokemon Go (FREE) - Allows your kids to catch Pokemon out in the wild! A great way to get your kids outside.
  • Pokemon Shuffle (FREE) - My kids absolutely LOVE this game! It's like Pokemon combined with Bejeweled or something. You match Pokemon heads to unleash attacks on an opposing Pokemon. Super fun!

The best Pokemon books, games, toys, and apps for kids from And Next Comes L