Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Awesome Olympic Activities for Kids Using Pool Noodles

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Grab some pool noodles because these Olympic activities for kids are tons of fun!

I love watching the Olympics, but the summer Olympics are by far my favorite to watch. I mean the Winter Olympics are fun and all too, but there's just something I like more about the summer games.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do some Olympic themed activities with my kids. I wanted to get them into the spirit of the games too.

Basically, we've been hosting our own backyard Olympics - er, sunroom - right at home with pool noodles. Yes, pool noodles! We use them for sooo many things!

I know that your kids are going to love pretending to host their own Olympic Games too with these fun Olympic activities for kids. There's ideas to take you from the torch relay to the actual events themselves. There are some crafts as well and basically a little bit of everything in between too.

Pool noodle Olympic activities for kids

Olympic Activities for Kids Using Pool Noodles

These 12 simple Olympic themed crafts and activities for kids using pool noodles are sure to get your kids excited about the Olympic Games. 

While some of these ideas can work for both the summer and winter games, many of these ideas are specific to the summer games. However, I'm sure you could come up with some of your own ideas for the winter games if needed. Pool noodle hockey, anyone?

Anyway, what you're going to love here is that most of these Olympics activity ideas require zero prep. That means you'll be ready to host your own toddler Olympics in just a matter of minutes. Some, however, do require a bit of prep, but nothing too crazy.

You're obviously going to need some pool noodles. That's a given. You will also need a couple of other supplies. Don't worry, most of these supplies are things that you probably already have on hand.

So from the opening ceremony to the medal presentations, these ideas will have your kids covered during the Olympic Games! I'm sharing all the details over on CBC Parents. So head on over and get ready for lots of fun!

Olympic activities for kids using pool noodles