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Speech Apps for Kids to Work on Classifying, Associations, & Categorizing

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The ability to categorize and classify objects is an important language skill. It helps with vocabulary, comprehension, and expressive speech skills, for instance.

Since comprehension difficulties and expressive speech delays are a common feature of hyperlexic kids, it is a good idea to build their classification and categorization skills in order to improve their comprehension and encourage expressive language. This list of speech apps for kids focuses specifically on making those connections between objects.

Speech apps for kids with autism or hyperlexia to practice classifying and categorizing objects as well as making associations from And Next Comes L

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Apps for Kids to Work on Classifying & Categorizing Objects

Category therapy app

1. Category Therapy 

I really like how this app starts off by focusing on concrete categories and then moves to subcategories and abstract categories. It offers four different games to play for each level of difficulty and covers tons of different categories. You can try the free lite version first.

Let's name things fun deck app

2. Let's Name Things Fun Deck 

A flashcards style app with bright and colorful illustrations, this app presents a category for kids to name things that fit within it.

Early childhood education associations game app

3. Early Child Education Associations Game 

Simply drag and drop the things that go together in this bright and colorful app!

Describe it to me app

4. Describe it to Me

This app is a must have because it covers so many different skills, including identifying categories of objects.

Autism & PDD associations app

5. Autism & PPD Associations

This app uses short scenarios to help kids making associations between objects to figure out what goes together. It is complimented by a quick animation when kids pick the right answer.

Autism & PDD categories app

6. Autism & PPD Categories 

Similar to the above Autism & PDD Associations app, this app uses short scenarios to help kids practice categories.

Categories learning center app

7. Categories Learning Center

Another great app from Smarty Ears that uses a variety of games to practice categorizing objects.

Go-Togethers app

8. Go-Togethers 

As the name suggests, this app focuses on pairing words that go together in semantic associations. We love Smarty Ears apps, but haven't tried this particular one yet. It does look like a great app though.

Associations app

9. Associations from I Can Do Apps, LLC 

This app uses five different activities to work on building associations and it uses bright photographs.

Categories app

10. Categories from I Can Do Apps, LLC

Similar to the associations app above, but focuses on choosing the correct categories for the objects in the photographs. It also uses five different activities to practice this skill.

Factory of categories app

11. Factory of Categories 

This app uses four different activities to practice categories: choosing the correct category, naming the category, picking the odd one out, and selecting one more similar item to match the category.

Categories with Splingo app

12. Categories with Splingo 

This app encourages kids to drag and drop items into the correct category. We haven't specifically tried this app out, but we love their other app Pronouns with Splingo (find out more here).

Name that category fun deck app

13. Name That Category Fun Deck 

Another flashcards style app with bright and colorful illustrations. Bundle up and save on this Name That Category app bundle.

Autism iHelp - sorting app

14. Autism iHelp - Sorting 

Clean and simple app for encouraging kids to practice their sorting skills with drag and drop functionality.

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Speech apps for kids with autism or hyperlexia to practice classifying and categorizing objects as well as making associations from And Next Comes L


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