Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Coding Apps for Kids

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One of the things that my kids started learning over the summer is how to code. They've been enjoying coding with this collection of coding apps for kids and frequently ask to play with iPad so that they can play one of these particular games.

So whether your kids are just learning to code or you just want to introduce coding to them, then these apps are perfect! The bonus is that most of these coding apps are free!

Awesome coding apps for kids from And Next Comes L

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Coding Apps for Kids

The Foos coding app for kids

This coding app is hands down the favorite for my kids. They love being able to give their homemade levels ridiculous names and play levels designed by other kids. It reminds me a bit of Super Mario Maker for WiiU in terms of making and designing the levels. Regardless, my kids adore this app! And the music is so catchy!
Tynker coding app for kids

2. Tynker

My four year old particularly enjoys this coding app and would ask to play it nearly every single day. There's certainly lots to do and play with in this app.

Scratch Jr coding app for kids

Another favorite coding app is Scratch Jr. Just add commands and adorable illustrations, voice overs, speech balloons, and more by dragging and dropping. We seem to end up with a lot of programs with orange cats spinning around and around, but whatever. The kids are learning to code and having a blast!

Run Marco coding app for kids

This coding app takes the kids on an adventure around the world. I love the progressive nature of this app and how it introduces one new thing at a time. It does not get overwhelming for little ones when it introduces commands slowly in this manner.

Human Resource Machine app

From the creators of World of Goo (I loved that game!), this app is geared towards older kids, like teens, and can definitely be quite challenging, even for me as an adult! So I like to play this game with my kids as we create programming sequences to help us move boxes from the inbox to the outbox.

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Awesome coding apps for kids from And Next Comes L