Wednesday, September 14, 2016

15 Simple Fine Motor Activities for Kids Using Rubber Bands

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Rubber bands are such a perfect way for kids to build hand strength and fine motor skills. I know my kids can't resist playing with them, much like they can't resist playing with tape or cutting paper with scissors.

They're versatile too and can be used for lots of different activities! So think beyond the traditional geoboard because these 15 simple fine motor activities for kids using rubber bands are fun and creative ways for kids to build hand strength and fine motor skills. There's lots of math and science learning involved too!

Fine motor activities for kids using rubber bands from And Next Comes L

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Fine Motor Activities for Kids Using Rubber Bands

1. Pool Noodles & Rubber Bands Fine Motor Activity - A perfect summertime fine motor activity using pool noodles. Don't be fooled because this activity is harder than it looks!

2. Hand Strengthening Building & Engineering Busy Bag from Sugar Aunts - This fine motor activity turns out so colorful when you use colored rubber bands! And if you don't have Jenga style blocks kicking around, try this activity using scrap pieces of wood instead.

3. Egg Carton Geoboard - There's no need to make a fancy homemade geoboard when you can just grab a large egg carton tray and turn that into a simple geoboard.

4. Pinecones & Rubber Bands Fine Motor Activity from My Nearest and Dearest - If you have a child who collects (or maybe even hoards!) natural materials such as pinecones, then this fine motor activity is perfect for them! Turn their treasures into colorful fine motor practice.

5. Fine Motor Skills Challenge Using Corks from No Time for Flashcards - Put those corks from all that wine that you drink during the witching hour to good use with this simple fine motor skills challenge. I love that this activity incorporates math learning!

6. Hockey Puck Rubber Band Wrap from Every Star is Different - Here's a fun idea if your kids are really into hockey! You might have to scroll down quite a bit in this post to find the activity, but it's simple and brilliant.

7. Muffin Tin Geoboard - Here's my absolute favorite homemade geoboard idea. It takes zero prep to get this muffin tin geoboard ready for some fine motor practice. Who doesn't love no prep activities?!

8. DIY Fine Motor Fidget Toy from Sugar Aunts - Let your kids make this super cute DIY fidget. It would be a great fidget to keep in a travel sensory bag or in your purse for those times when your kids need something to fiddle or fidget with.

9. Rubber Bands & Cans Fine Motor Activity from Hands On as We Grow - My boys loved stacking cans of food when they were toddlers, but why did I never think to add some rubber bands to their play?! This activity is super simple and awesome!

10.Perimeter & Area Geoboard Exploration from Life Over Cs - Work on fine motor skills and math learning with this simple fine motor geoboard activity.

11. Rubber Band & Foam Dice Activity from Every Star is Different - I love the idea of counting a set number of rubber bands and then adding them to the foam die. Just roll, count, and stretch those rubber bands around the die. 

12. Rubber Band Passing Game from Hands On as We Grow - The only materials needed are rubber bands and hands, but I'm pretty sure this game would have my kids laughing hysterically!

13. Rubber Band Fine Motor Play Using Household Objects from Best Toys 4 Toddlers - There are so many great suggestions in this post! Just grab some rubber bands and other household objects (hello cardboard tubes!) and let the kids play and explore.

14. Geoboard Constellations from School Time Snippets - Here's a nice twist on the typical geoboard play. I know my oldest son would have loved making these geoboard constellations when he was younger.

15. Paintbrush Engineering STEM Challenge from Preschool Powol Packets - This fine motor STEM challenge is so creative and fun! It combines rubber bands with paintbrushes and other materials.

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Fine motor activities for kids using rubber bands from And Next Comes L