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Math Apps for Kids

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I have always been good at math and I love a good math game myself. So when J was diagnosed with hypernumeracy and showed a particular fascination with numbers and math in his early toddlerhood, I was thrilled to finally find someone who would happily play math games with me on a regular basis.

So when I got an iPad back in May, I was determined to find some awesome math apps for kids so that both J and I could have some fun games to play! This list of math apps also includes fun number games that don't necessarily focus on answering equations, but instead focus on having fun with numbers.

Math apps for kids from And Next Comes L

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Math Apps for Kids

Math doodles app

1. Math Doodles

We were first introduced to this game at our local library. They have an expanded version of the app version on the computers in the library and my kids always loved playing this game. Basically, this game makes math fun. You can also customize each mini game to work on different things, such as Roman numerals or tally marks, and at different levels. Definitely a must own math app!

Math fluent multiplier app

2. Math Fluent - Multiplier

I love, love, love this app for working on multiplication, especially for visual learners. It's part puzzle game and part math game. You can work through the times tables progressively or combine all the times tables into a random grid. Such a great app!

Attributes by math doodles app

3. Attributes by Math Doodles

Another app from Math Doodles that makes learning math fun. Not that my kids think that math is boring. This app focuses on attributes, categorizing, and classifying objects. You can work on Venn diagrams and patterning, among many other things. Really great app!

Symmetry shuffle math doodles app

4. Symmetry Shuffle

Another awesome Math Doodles app! This one focuses on symmetry, just like the name of the app suggests.

Math bingo app

5. Math Bingo

J was introduced to this game by his grade one teacher and he loves it! It works on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or a combination of all of those. I like that it keeps track of his scores and that you can have different player profiles (i.e., it's good for a classroom setting if you are a teacher).

10 app

6. 10

Another math puzzle game. You have to combine numbers together that equal 10, but without blocking other numbered tiles. The sound effects and music are kind of annoying in this game, but J loves this app. There is also a 10 Junior app (perfect for younger kids) and 9 app by the same developers. Both apps are just as great!

Math buzz app

7. Math Buzz

I like that you can customize this app to target your child's age or level in school (goes from preschool up to grade eight). It targets things such as geometry, fractions, division, decimals, equations, addition, subtraction, and more! It is sort of a fancy, dressed up version of mad minutes (or at least from what I remember of mad minutes from elementary school).

Greg math puzzle app

8. GREG - A Mathematical Puzzle Game To Train Your Brain Skills

With a name like Greg, it doesn't sound like a math game, does it? You are given a random sum and you have to click on numbers that are beside each other until you reach that desired sum. However, you have to do it quickly as it is timed! And with levels like "extreme" and "olympic," this game gets hard!

Next - numbers app

9. Next - Numbers

This app makes me think of an abstract version of connect the dots. You have to tap numbers in order as quick as you can. Comes with four levels of difficulty, so the game can be quite challenging, but it is fun!

Next numbers 2 app

10. Next Numbers 2

Tap the numbers in order as fast as you can, just like in the app Next - Numbers! Both of my boys love, love, love this app! They motored through tons of the levels on the first day.

Get 13 app

11. Get 13

This isn't necessarily a math game, but it is an awesome app for kids who love numbers, like J does. Combine the same numbers together to turn them into the next number (so if you combine twos you get a three). Keep going until you can get 13. Sounds easy, but it really isn't! It's a super fun app that even I love to play! There are a lot of ads in this app though, just as a heads up.

Ten sum app

12. Ten Sum

Combine blocks together to make a sum of 10. Each time you make a sum of 10, the blocks disappear. Keep going until all the blocks disappear. This app is one of J's new favorites and I love it too!

Slice fractions app

13. Slice Fractions

Such a fun app for working on fractions! It's great for visual learners and the animations/illustrations are really cute.

Math smash animal rescue app

14. Math Smash Animal Rescue

Just like Math Buzz, you can select your level from preschool up to grade eight and target skills like properties, addition, multiplication, fractions, estimation, and more! Click the right answers to help save the animals.

Crazy number quiz app

15. Crazy Number Quiz

Another app that reminds me mad minutes from elementary school. This app just asks math questions that you have to answer quickly. It starts with simple addition and subtraction questions, but then eventually adds in some multiplication and division questions. But you have to answer them quickly!

Sudoku pro edition app

16. Sudoku Pro Edition

Of course, a Sudoku app has to make this list because it is a perfect game for number loving kids, even if it isn't a math game per say. This particular Sudoku app that we have also allows you to play alphabet Sudoku, color Sudoku, and logo Sudoku. So this app is absolutely PERFECT for kids with hyperlexia since it's no secret that they love letters, numbers, and logos.

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