Thursday, October 06, 2016

Calming Lavender Sensory Activities for Kids

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Many people find scents calming, especially if the scent is lavender.

So if you are looking for a little calm in your life (and aren't we all?!), then look no further than this list of lavender scented sensory activities.

These calming lavender sensory activities for kids are perfect for quiet time and for helping kids wind down before naps or bedtime. There are a variety of textures and ideas to explore on this list. While all of these activities will engage your child's senses, they will also encourage fine motor skills development and tactile sensory input.

Calming lavender scented sensory activities for kids from And Next Comes L

Calming Lavender Sensory Activities for Kids

1. Lavender Soap Foam - This sensory bin is a swirly, bubbly delight! The kids will love moving their hands around in this scented soap foam.

2. Lavender Scented Beans - These lavender scented beans are heavenly! They smell amazing, but the weight of the beans is calming for kids too as it provides a bit of pressure on the fingers.

3. Lavender Play Dough from The Imagination Tree - We love the play dough recipes from The Imagination Tree and this lavender scented one is no different. I bet it smells wonderful!

4. Calming Lavender Prewriting Salt Tray - Work on prewriting skills with this calming lavender scented epsom salt tray. The addition of cookie cutters is brilliant!

5. Natural Lavender Scented Rice from The Imagination Tree - This lavender scented rice looks so beautiful and kids would definitely enjoy scooping and pouring this rice as a calm down activity.

6. Lavender Water Fine Motor Sensory Bin - The kids will love scooping, squeezing, and dumping this beautifully simple lavender water sensory bin.

7. Lavender Rosemary Bath Fizzies from Mama. Papa. Bubba. - Having a bath is a great calm down strategy. These bath fizzies will help make bath time even more relaxing for kids!

8. Calming Lavender Water Beads Sensory Bin from Sugar Aunts - Personally I find water beads on their own to be quite calming. They just feel so neat! Adding lavender to them makes them a great quiet time or calm down activity.

9. Scented Felt Hearts - Keep one of these lavender scented hearts in your pockets, purse, or bag for a quick calming sensory fix. It's a great travel tool for anxious kids.

10. Purple Lavender Crayon Soaps from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail - Use these lavender crayon soaps in the bathtub for a nice calming activity before bed.

11. Lavender Scented Slime - If your kids love to play with slime, then trying this calming lavender scented slime recipe!

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Calming lavender scented sensory activities for kids from And Next Comes L