Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rainbow Snowflake Suncatcher Craft for Kids

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Looking for snowflake crafts? Try making this rainbow snowflake suncatcher craft in multiple colors. It's a great craft for older kids.

I used to love cutting out paper snowflakes as a kid and I hope that (someday) my kids will too! It's such a classic winter craft and activity. But sometimes paper snowflakes are a bit...well, boring and plain looking.

Well, that's not the case with these rainbow snowflake suncatchers. They're bright and colorful, adding a welcome blast of color to the months of snow we enjoy here in the Canadian prairies.

Please note that these snowflake suncatchers are best suited to older children. The material used requires quite a bit of hand strength to cut through. 

However, younger kids will certainly love helping you design and cut out some colorful snowflakes to hang in the window I'm sure. Or you can always try one of the alternative suggestions and materials below.

Rainbow snowflake suncatcher craft for kids

Decorate Your Windows with these Rainbow Snowflake Suncatchers

These beautiful and colorful snowflake suncatchers are the perfect way to add a punch of color during the dreary white months of winter. They're a nice variation on paper snowflakes and are great for working on fine motor skills. 

Plus, they look so beautiful displayed on windows. You could also try stringing a bunch of these snowflakes together to create a mobile or winter garland/bunting. That would look lovely as well.

Heads up, the material we used (colored transparencies) for these snowflake suncatchers is thick. So it can be tough to cut through. You also can't fold it more than a couple of times. However, it's also incredibly durable. They won't rip easy like paper would so these suncatchers will last for years!

Adapting the Rainbow Snowflake Craft for Younger Kids

Now, if you have a younger child who you'd like to try this craft with, I suggest swapping the colored transparencies for something thinner. Something like tissue paper or kite paper would be a perfect alternative. These materials would still let some light through and give you the same desired effect we're looking for in a suncatcher craft. But they'd be easier for a younger child to cut through.

But, having said that, these types of material would be more prone to ripping or tearing. So your rainbow snowflakes would be much more delicate if you used these materials. And you might not be able to make your suncatchers last for more than a year because they'll be trickier to store. Although I guess you could laminate them, depending on the size.

Maybe you're wondering if you could just use construction paper to make these rainbow snowflakes. I guess, but it wouldn't be transparent like these ones are and thus couldn't be considered a suncatcher. Remember, we're making snowflake suncatchers here, not just snowflakes.

How to Make the Rainbow Snowflake Suncatcher Craft

I'm over at CBC Parents showing you how to make this easy rainbow snowflake craft. For the full tutorial, you'll have to head to their website. 

{Get the full tutorial for the rainbow snowflake suncatcher craft}

Rainbow snowflake suncatcher craft for kids

Rainbow snowflake suncatcher craft for kids