Sunday, January 15, 2017

7 Fun Indoor Snow Activities

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Need some ideas for some quick and easy indoor activities with snow? Here are some fun indoor snow activities to try!

Snow is something that we get a lot of. And usually for six months of the year. However, this winter was a bit unusual in that we didn't get any snow in November or in December, up until Christmas.

Regardless of when the inevitable snow arrives, January is always full of extreme cold warning days. Days where it is simply too cold to head outdoors because skin will freeze in minutes. 

On those days, we like to bring the snow indoors for a little fun and learning. 

Here are 7 fun indoor snow activities for kids.

Preschool indoor snow activities

Simple & Fun Indoor Snow Activities

From science and art to sensory play and fine motor, this list of 7 ways to play and learn with snow indoors is loads of fun for kids of any age. 

So go scoop up a big container of snow and get ready to try these activities with your kids! Everything else that you'll need can be easily found in and around the house.

You can find out the full details for these different activities over on CBC Parents.

7 fun & simple indoor snow activities for toddlers