Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Snow Maze

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When you are gifted with generous amounts of snow every winter, you tend to get tired of the regular winter activities like snowball fights and building a snowman. So whenever we have a fresh batch of snow in the backyard, we like to do something a wee bit different.

See, my son J went through a maze phase where he would happily draw and complete a variety of mazes every single day. So I was inspired by his love of mazes to make a giant life sized one in the snow right in our backyard. Well, let me tell you...he thought I was just the most awesome mom ever and we have been making them every winter since. Sometimes even multiple times per winter!

So this snow maze winter activity for kids is loads of fun and easy to do!

Winter activity for kids: make a snow maze from And Next Comes L

Get Outdoors this Winter and Make a Snow Maze with the Kids!

Switch things up this winter! Instead of making a snowman, building a snow fort, or having an epic snowball fight, try making a snow maze with your kids. It's really simple to do and encourages the kids to get moving!

Winter activity for kids: make a snow maze from And Next Comes L