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Free Printable List of 50 Social Skills for Kids

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A free printable list of social skills for kids.

We've been working a lot on social skills with my son. Due to his hyperlexia and autism, we have to teach him directly about social skills concepts that develop in most kids naturally.

So to make sure we don't miss anything important, I put together this list of basic social skills for kids. And yes, it includes a free printable cheat sheet so you can reference it at any time.

The free printable list of social skills is a great start, but there's even more social skills activities and printables here, if you're interested.

List of social skills for elementary students and middle school students

List of Social Skills for Kids

I also encourage you to check out the free printable social scripts for kids as many of them align with the social skills on this list.

Here are 50 different social skills for kids:

1. Taking turns - 8 Strategies for Teaching Turn Taking + Free Printable Visual Turn Taking Cue Cards

2. Praising others - 7 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Praise Others

3. Celebrating successes

4. Helping others

5. Respecting personal space - 9 Strategies to Teach Kids About Personal Space

6. Sharing materials

7. Asking for help

8. Being a good sport and a good loser

9. Asking permission

10. Giving criticism

11. Using appropriate voice tone & volume

12. Making an apology

13. Participating

14. Waiting until the speaker is finished before speaking (i.e., no interrupting)

15. Being a good friend

16. Staying on task

17. Being kind

18. Using names

19. Encouraging others

20. Waiting patiently

21. Communicating clearly

22. Accepting differences

23. Listening actively

24. Conflict resolution

25. Following directions

26. Paraphrasing

27. Staying with the team or group

28. Complimenting others

29. Disagreeing politely, appropriately, and respectfully

30. Taking risks

31. Accepting criticism

32. Accepting no for an answer

33. Recognizing the difference between expected and unexpected behaviors

34. Resisting peer pressure

35. Sharing ideas

36. Making eye contact

37. Respecting the opinions of others

38. Compromising

39. Negotiating

40. Cooperating with others and working together

41. Using good manners

42. Thinking before speaking

43. Learning to forgive

44. Problem solving

45. Being a flexible thinker

46. Recognizing body language and picking up on nonverbal cues

47. Recognizing the feelings of oneself

48. Recognizing the feelings of others

49. Taking someone else's perspective

50. Understanding that my actions impact others

Free printable list of 50 social skills to teach kids from And Next Comes L

Download the Free Printable List!

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List of social skills for elementary students and middle school students