Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Easter Egg Slime

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This Easter egg slime is so cool! Find out how to make Easter slime with mini glitter eggs from the dollar store with this simple recipe.

We've just recently hopped on board with the whole slime craze. We avoided it for years because of concerns with J's oral sensory seeking and because I hadn't found a recipe that used ingredients that I was comfortable with. 

However, we have recently discovered a slime recipe that works for our family and have been experimenting with it ever since. 

This colorful Easter slime recipe is so fun! 

The mixture of gooey, stretchy slime with glittery squishy eggs makes for a wonderful tactile experience that the kids (and I!) couldn't resist!

Easter slime recipe

Easter Egg Slime Recipe

This slime recipe is easy in terms of ingredients, but I warn you now, those slime videos you see on social media are all lies! Seriously, they make it look so easy.

For me, slime making is far from glamorous. I end up with glue everywhere! My hands. My pants. My countertop. You name it, there's probably glue there too.

So if you're ready to brave the gooey mess, then give this Easter egg slime a try! It's worth the mess, I promise. 

Just head to CBC Parents for the full recipe.

Easter egg slime recipe - a fun Easter slime for kids!