Monday, October 23, 2017

10 Things to Remember When Advocating for Your Special Needs Child

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Wondering how to be the best advocate for a special needs child? Well, then you'll want to keep these 10 things in mind when advocating for your child with special needs.

If you know me in real life and happened to ask me one simple question at all last year, I would have responded in one of two ways: tears or a lengthy rant. It really depended on the day.

See, things did not go well for my son J at school last year. 

Not one bit.

It was not only a difficult year for him, but for me as well. I'm still recovering from hours of lost sleep and stress, still scrambling to find myself again.

"How is school going for your kids?" 

That was my trigger.

Seemingly innocent question, right?

Well, now that things have settled, I have more clarity on the entire situation. 

I have had plenty of time to reflect on last year and I am trying my best to focus on the positive. And I think the most positive thing I learned from last year is that now I truly know how to best advocate for J and his needs at school.

So whether you are struggling with your own school advocacy fight or with some other stupid system, I want you to keep some things in mind. Even in the thick of it all, it's important to keep these 10 things in mind when advocating for your child with special needs.

Advocacy tips: how to advocate for your child with special needs

Things to Consider When Advocating for Your Child with Special Needs

Advocating for your special needs child is not easy, especially when you are stressed out and so is your child.

But it is so important that you advocate hard to make sure your child's needs are met because if you won't, who will? Besides, you want to model advocacy skills to your child so that one day, they'll be able to advocate for themselves with confidence.

Your role as a parent advocate for special needs and the things you need to remember when advocating for your special needs child