Friday, June 08, 2018

Water Bead Slime

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Looking for a ridiculously fun slime recipe for the kids? Try this water bead slime for a perfect sensory experience!

When it's your birthday and the kids are at school, you make slime.



Oh, I'm the only mom that does that??

Well, that's what truly happened here! I whipped up some slime on my birthday when the kids were not around.

I tried to photograph it myself and failed. I seriously need more arms. Just two more arms, that's all I ask, as they would be helpful. Although I would look like the Pokemon Machamp if I did have four arms.

So I patiently waited for them to come home to play with it. They were excited to see such wonderful slime awaiting their arrival.

This water bead slime was probably one of my favorite attempts at slime to date. It turned out super stretchy and the water beads looked like confetti throughout it. Occasionally a water bead would escape the gluey mixture and bounce along the table onto the floor, but usually they got crushed up and mixed in.

Water bead slime recipe for kids

How to Make Water Bead Slime

I had way too much photographing this water bead slime. It was so stretchy and messy, yet colorful and calming. It was impossible to narrow down which photos to use because there was simply too many awesome ones! So I left it up to my editor to decide which of the 30+ I sent her to use...Solid plan right? Ha!

This slime is easy to make, using our favorite basic slime recipe, which you can find over at CBC Parents. Your kids are going to love it!

Water bead slime recipe for kids