Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Free Printable Social Story About Playing Hide & Seek

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Looking for social stories? Then you'll love this free printable social story about how to play hide and seek. It's perfect for kids with autism.

Sometimes what seems extremely simple to us, can be extremely complex to kids who are autistic or hyperlexic because they struggle with the hidden rules associated with different social situations.

Even something as simple as the childhood game of hide and seek.

These kids may need reminders to hide alone or stay quiet or to pick new places to hide each round. This free printable hide and seek social story for kids covers all those little hidden rules of this classical childhood game. I hope you find it helpful!

Free printable social story for kids with autism about how to play hide and seek

About the Free Printable Social Story

This social story explains how to play a game of hide and seek with friends. It describes the two different roles of hide and seek: the seeker and the hiders, as well as some special tips like hiding in new spots each time. A special shout out to one of my readers, Christen, for requesting this particular social story!

I highly suggest laminating the social story for durability. You can use binder rings to keep the social story together or store it in a binder. As an alternative to laminating, you could use sheet protectors in a binder. Or if you find yourself printing off lots of social stories, then this binding machine is a lifesaver!

Free printable social story for kids with autism about how to play hide and seek

Download the Free Printable Playing Hide & Seek Social Story

This printable is 16 pages long and includes full color photos. To get your copy, enter your name and email in the form.

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