Thursday, March 07, 2019

Free Printable Anger Buttons Worksheet

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Wondering how to help your child with anger? Try this free printable anger buttons worksheet. It's a great anger management activity for kids.

When my son was in grade three, he was seeing a lovely psychologist who introduced us to the term "anger buttons." When she first introduced it to us, I immediately visualized one of those giant red easy buttons like in the Staples commercials. No seriously, I did.

Anyway, she and my son worked together to try and identify his own anger buttons. They spent a few sessions drawing out his anger buttons on a whiteboard and discussing what really pushes his buttons. I think he found the exercise quite helpful, but the only downside to drawing it on the whiteboard is that it can easily be erased and then forgotten about. He also can't exactly take the whiteboard home with him right?

And remember, when it comes to hyperlexia, if it isn't written down, then it might not exist. So this free printable anger buttons worksheet is my solution. He's now able to fill in his anger buttons, hang the sheet up, and remind himself of what triggers his big emotions so that he can build self-awareness around his emotions.

Free printable anger buttons worksheet - a great anger management activity for kids

About the Free Anger Buttons Printable

This free one-page printable allows your child (or maybe even yourself!) to write down a bunch of things or situations that "push your buttons." You know, the things or situations that make you angry. Your triggers. Whatever you want to call them.

Together with your child, brainstorm what makes them really angry or upset. Then print off a copy of the anger buttons sheet so that you can fill in each button with the anger triggers you brainstormed. The buttons could also be colored in, if you'd like, and maybe even color-coordinated so that the biggest triggers are red, medium triggers are orange, etc.

Download the Anger Buttons Printable

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Download the Digital Google Slides Version

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Free printable anger buttons worksheet - a great anger management activity for kids