Saturday, March 09, 2019

Free Printable Anger Dice Game

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Free printables for kids

Try this free printable anger dice game is a great way to help an angry child cope with big emotions. It's a great anger management activity for kids.

As part of my son's nightly school reading, he fills in a reading log, which, when full, can be traded in for a prize. The most recent prize that he picked was a ten pack of dice. It was so him to pick a package of dice. He loves games and numbers. And dice really are the perfect blend of those two interests.

I have been using those dice here and there, on a whim, to come up with quick little games for working on things from reading comprehension to emotions. This anger dice game is one such example.

It's low prep (just print and play) and super quick to play. And, like I said, perfect for those kids who love games and dice.

Free printable anger dice game - a great anger management activity for kids

About the Free Printable Anger Dice Game

This free one-page printable is all about exploring anger, from what it looks like in your body, what you can say when angry, and different ways to manage the anger.

There's no set rules on how to play the actual game other then you simply roll a die and answer the prompt or question. You and your child could take turns too as a way to show your child that everyone gets angry sometimes.

Download the Anger Dice Game Printable

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Free printable anger dice game - a great anger management activity for kids


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Free printables for kids


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