Monday, March 11, 2019

Free Printable Reading Comprehension Dice Games

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Looking for reading comprehension activities or games for kids? Then you'll want to try these free printable reading comprehension dice games.

Kids with hyperlexia have difficulty with comprehension for both verbal communication and written communication. Sure, they can decode the written word at crazy high levels for their age, but they don't always comprehend what it is they are reading or hearing.

Yes, comprehension is something that we are continually working on with my hyperlexic son. And honestly, it's hard to make practicing reading comprehension fun. It always just ends up feeling like work to my son. So I need to make it more fun for him.

One thing that we have been doing is using dice to help with his comprehension difficulties. He loves dice (he recently picked a package of 10 dice as a prize at school) and games. So these free printable reading comprehension dice games are perfect little way to make working on reading comprehension a bit more exciting.

Free printable reading comprehension activities for kids using dice

About these Free Printable Reading Comprehension Activities

This free printable includes four different reading comprehension games that target a variety of skills such as inferences, WH questions, and more. The four games are as follows:

  • Before You Read Dice Game
  • Reading Dice Game for Fiction Books
  • Reading Dice Game for Non-Fiction Books
  • Read & Review Dice Game 

Simply download, print, and play! No prep involved, but it's a great way to work on improving comprehension skills.

Download the Reading Comprehension Dice Games Printable

To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

>> Click here to download this free printable

Free printable reading comprehension activities for kids using dice