Thursday, June 06, 2019

Free Printable Alphabet Grounding Technique for Kids

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Looking for grounding techniques? Try this alphabet grounding technique that's perfect for kids with hyperlexia who are obsessed with letters.

If you have a hyperlexic child, then you likely already know how calming the alphabet can be for your child. These kids frequently stim with alphabet toys as a way to self-regulate and cope.

So naturally, it makes sense to use their special interest and passion as a way to teach mindfulness and self-regulation skills.

The result?

This free printable ABC grounding technique for kids.

ABC grounding techniques for kids with free printable

About the Free Printable ABC Grounding Technique for Kids

This one page printable outlines a simple grounding technique using the alphabet.

In this technique, the child looks around them to identify and name objects that they can see and hear that start with each letter of the alphabet (or as many letters of the alphabet as possible before they feel calm and grounded). They don't have to go in the order of the alphabet (unless, of course, they want to).

You could also laminate this printable and then encourage your child to cross off each letter with a dry erase marker as they name something that starts with that letter.

Download the Free Alphabet Grounding Technique Poster

To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

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Alphabet grounding techniques for kids with free printable