Thursday, June 13, 2019

Free Printable Tree Grounding Technique for Kids

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Looking for simple grounding techniques to help kids with anxiety? Try this tree grounding exercise. It comes with a free printable poster!

As the boys get older, we have been introducing family meditation time, worry time, and mindfulness techniques to build their coping skills toolbox and to help them deal with their anxiety (especially J's).

That includes things like practicing deep breathing exercises and learning different grounding exercises.

One grounding technique that we have been trying is this "be a tree" grounding exercise, where we simply pretend to be tall, strong trees.

I've included a free printable version of this tree grounding meditation technique for the kids who benefit from visual supports, like my son J does.

Ready to learn this simple technique?

Use this tree grounding meditation technique for anxiety in kids

How to Do this Simple Tree Grounding Exercise

This grounding technique for kids is all about pretending to be a firmly planted tree.

While you can find lots of variations of this tree grounding exercises, we have adapted and developed this particular version and wording to fit our needs.

Our version goes as follows:

  • I am a strong tree.
  • I stand shoulder width apart from my feet firmly planted like roots of a tree.
  • I keep my body tall and straight like the trunk of a tree.
  • I place my arms out or above my head like the branches of a tree.
  • I breathe in and out slowly like the wind and gently sway my arms.

You can either read the prompts from the poster out loud to your child (although you might want to switch the wording to say you instead of I) or have your child repeat or say the phrases themselves.

About the Free Printable Tree Grounding Technique Poster for Kids

This one page printable acts as a visual reminder to help guide your child through the "be a tree" grounding technique outlined above.

It would be a great addition to a calm down corner!

Download the Free Printable Grounding Technique Poster

To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable

Be a tree grounding technique for kids with a free printable poster