Tuesday, November 05, 2019

20+ Calming Christmas Sensory Bottles for Kids

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Inspiration for how to make Christmas sensory bottles for your child's calm down kit.

Christmas is definitely the season of sensory overload and sensory meltdowns are aplenty. Routines change drastically during Christmas and, for many, it's hard to cope with transitions.

These Christmas sensory bottles are a great tool for helping kids cope with the changes in routine and for teaching self-regulation skills. And, hopefully, they will help your child avoid getting stuck in meltdown mode.

Besides, kids of all ages - yes, even babies and toddlers! - can enjoy the benefits of these sensory bottles. They're just a great tool for helping kids self-regulate and calm down when they're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or frustrated. They even make a great addition to a Christmas calm down kit.

How to make Christmas sensory bottles that are calming for babies, toddlers, and preschool aged children

Christmas Sensory Bottles that'll Help Kids Calm Down

Ready to make a Christmas calm down bottle for your kids?

Well, grab some jingle bells and some glitter because you're going to find lots of inspiration for how to make your own sensory bottle for Christmas. You'll probably want to make them all because they're all so pretty!

1. Red & Green Christmas Sensory Bottle from Teaching Mama (pictured)

2. Liquid Density Christmas Bottle from Little Bins for Little Hands

3. Christmas Tree Sensory Bottle from The Chaos & The Clutter

4. Christmas Sensory Bottles for Babies from Little Lifelong Learners (pictured)

5. Christmas Tree Sensory Bottle from Stir the Wonder

6. Magnetic Christmas Sensory Bottles from No Time for Flash Cards

7. Christmas Holly Sensory Bottle from Views from a Step Stool

8. Christmas Tree in a Bottle from Sunny Day Family

9. Christmas Confetti Sensory Bottle from Teaching Mama

10. Grinch Calming Jar from Big Family Blessings

11. Christmas Sensory Bottle from Laughing Kids Learn

12. Jingle Bells Discovery Bottle from Preschool Inspirations

13. How to Make a Christmas Sensory Bottle from Blessed Beyond a Doubt

14. Christmas Shapes Discovery Bottle from The OT Toolbox

15. Shake Up a Christmas Tree Sensory Bottle from One Time Through

16. Christmas Ornaments Sensory Bottle from The Chaos & The Clutter

17. Christmas I Spy Bottle from Simple Play Ideas

18. Christmas I Spy Sensory Bottles from Little Bins for Little Hands

19. Holiday Sound Tubes Sensory Bottles from No Time for Flash Cards

20. Christmas Counting I Spy Discovery Bottle from The Chaos & The Clutter

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Christmas sensory bottles for kids of all ages - babies, toddlers, preschool, and up! They make a great addition to a calm down kit for kids.