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Sonic Themed Writing Prompts for Kids {Free Printable!}

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15 Sonic the Hedgehog themed writing prompts for kids.

My youngest son asked me to make some Sonic the Hedgehog inspired writing prompts for him when he saw me working on these Mario writing prompts. After all, he absolutely loves Sonic!

So with some help from my Sonic-obsessed son, I compiled a list of 15 Sonic themed writing prompts for kids. He wasn't happy with my one prompt about Sonic being slow instead of fast, but he agreed to keep it on the list anyway. He just assured me he was never going to respond to it. Ever. What can I say except that he's as stubborn as I am!

Free printable writing prompts for kids that are Sonic themed

15 Sonic Themed Writing Prompts for Kids

Grab a pencil and some paper and use these prompts to get your kids writing! And be sure to grab the free printable version of these prompts (available at the bottom of this blog post).

1. Who is your favorite Sonic character? Write five reasons why they are your favorite character.

2. What is your favorite Sonic video game? Explain why it’s your favorite.

3. Pick your favorite Sonic character and write an acrostic poem using their name.

4. If you could add a new character to a Sonic game, who would it be? Describe what the character would look like, what their name would be, and other interesting details about them.

5. If you could be any character in a Sonic game, who would you be and why?

6. If you could design a new level for a Sonic game, what would it look like? Describe the background, the items, the obstacles, and other interesting things about the level.

7. Imagine Sonic was a different kind of animal. What animal would he be and why? Describe what he would look like as this animal.

8. Imagine that you’ve been hired to create the next Sonic game. Describe what the next game would be about or look like.

9. If you could create a new enemy for a Sonic game, what would it be? Describe what it would look like, how it would move, how it would attack, etc.

10. Invent a new special move for Sonic. Give it a name and describe what the new move would look like.

11. Sonic wants a makeover and wants to be a different color. Pick a new color for him and describe why you would pick that color.

12. Imagine Sonic was slow instead of fast. What kind of moves would he have? Would Sonic still be a good name for him or not?

13. If you could put a new item in the item boxes for Sonic, what would you add? What would the special ability be for this item?

14. Pretend that Sonic collects something other than rings. What items would you have him collect instead and why?

15. Sonic’s favorite food is chili dogs. What is your favorite food and why?

Sonic the Hedgehog themed writing prompts for kids - includes a free printable!

Download the Free Printable Writing Prompts for Kids

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Sonic the Hedgehog themed writing prompts for kids - includes a free printable!


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