Tuesday, April 07, 2020

How to Create Interactive Digital Learning Resources

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Wondering how to make digital task cards or other interactive digital learning resources? Then you'll love these easy to follow tutorials that show you how to create interactive resources to use in Google Classroom or during Zoom meetings.

The hardest part of having to switch over to digital and distance learning is all the new things you suddenly have to learn.

First you have to pick a platform and learn how to use it.

Then you have to find creative ways to keep your kids engaged during the lessons or meetings.

Then there's the added challenge of making digital learning resources your students or clients will actually enjoy. And then finding easy to follow tutorials to teach you how to make them. Then of course, finding the time to actually make them.

Or maybe you're not even sure what the possibilities are yet...

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite tutorials for creating interactive digital learning resources that can then be used in a Google Classroom or during a Zoom meeting using the screenshare feature. These tutorials are great for teachers and therapists who are branching into the world of creating digital learning resources.

As an added bonus, most of these tutorials make use of free tools like Google Sheets and Google slides or programs you likely already have installed, like Powerpoint.

Digital learning resources: how to tutorials for teachers and therapists

Fun & Interactive Digital Learning Resources that Will Spice Up Your Google Classroom or Zoom Meetings

Below you will find tutorials for creating five fun and interactive digital resources, including:

  • How to Create Boom Cards
  • How to Create Mystery Pixel Pictures
  • How to Create a Virtual Escape Room
  • How to Create Drag & Drop Activities
  • How to Create a Digital Worksheet

How to Create Boom Cards Using Powerpoint

I just recently discovered Boom Cards via Instagram a few weeks ago and they look really cool. They're kind of like making your own mini apps or interactive task cards. I've seen Boom Cards be used for math activities, speech therapy activities, reading comprehension questions, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

You can find lots of premade cards in their shop (some are free) or on Teachers Pay Teachers, but it looks pretty easy to make your own using Powerpoint. Here's how:

How to Create Mystery Pixel Pictures Using Google Sheets

Okay, I think this digital activity is so cool. I know my youngest would love it since they look like digital perler bead crafts. The idea is that the student or client answers a series of questions and enters the answers in the correct spots in order to reveal a mystery picture.

Here's how to make them:

How to Create a Virtual Escape Room Using Google Forms

Have you seen this Hogwarts Digital Escape Room yet? It's a lot of fun to do and it looks easy to make, especially if you're good at coming up with riddles and whatnot. Here's how to make your own using Google Forms:

How to Create Drag & Drop Digital Activities Using Google Slides

The possibilities are endless for creating digital drag and drop activities. You can use it to sort objects into categories, follow directions (like the video below shows), or really anything else you can think of. It looks really easy to do. This video shows you how to use Powerpoint in combination with Google Slides:

This video shows you how to make these drag and drop activities using only Google Slides. However, I struggled to watch the whole video as the speaker kind of drags on and on. Really kind of boring to listen to. So I just skipped ahead a lot.

How to Create a Digital Worksheet Using Google Slides

Of course, you can create more than just drag and drop activities in Google Slides. You can make digital worksheets for your kids to fill in a submit. Here's how:

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