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Helpful Autism Books for Autistic Teens & Tweens

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A list of autism books and #ownvoices books that will help autistic teens and tweens better understand autism and the issues that impact them throughout adolescence.

I've already compiled lists of autism books for adults and parents and autism picture books for kids, but I have yet to compile a list of books about autism that are specifically for autistic teens and tweens.

Although there are quite a few books here that are great for autistic teens who want to see themselves in an autistic fictional character.

But this book list isn't about fiction.

No, this book list is about books that explain autism and the issues relevant to autistics during the adolescent years.

We're currently in the tween stage ourselves and we've been having lots of open conversations about autism and neurodiversity in our house for years. So I've been on the hunt for autism books that I can share with my own son. Thankfully, a perfect book came out just this year (hint: it's the first book on this list).

I really hope you enjoy this list of books about autism for autistic teens and tweens.

Autism books written by autistics that are helpful for autistic teens and tweens

Autism Books for Autistic Teens & Tweens

The Awesome Autistic Go-To Guide

1. The Awesome Autistic Go-To Guide: A Practical Handbook for Autistic Teens and Tweens

By Yenn Purkis & Tanya Masterman

A short book at only 100ish pages, this book is incredibly powerful. It is written by autistics and helps autistic tweens and teens better understand what autism is, identify their strengths, help them understand their stims, identify their own sensory triggers, name their favorite calm down strategies, and more. It has lots of sections for teens to fill in, making it a bit like a workbook or journal.

I did find the organization of the first chapter a bit odd. I feel like the section defining autism would have been better placed right at the beginning of the chapter in case teens who are reading the book aren't super familiar with what is autism is yet. Regardless, the book is excellent and a must-read for all autistic teens and tweens.

Autism, Bullying and Me book

2. Autism, Bullying and Me: The Really Useful Stuff You Need to Know About Coping with Bullying

By Emily Lovegrove

This helpful little book is just over 100 pages and is written by an autistic adult. It explains bullying in such an easy to understand way and is geared towards autistic tweens and teens. Although it could be helpful for some adults or younger kids as well. 

It has lots of great practical tips and strategies for dealing with bullying. The writing style is so positive, friendly, and easy to read. It explains concepts so well without the jargon. Highly recommend.

Just a heads up that this book is written in British English so it does use words like chuffed, mates, etc.

The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide

2. The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide

By Siena Castellon

I'll be upfront and tell you that I haven't personally read this book as I don't have an autistic daughter (i.e., it's not relevant for my situation), but it is written by an autistic teenager and has really great reviews. Besides I'm always a fan of supporting #ownvoices books and books that discuss autism in females since it is quite different from how autism presents in males.

This book covers a wide range of topics from sensory overload, puberty and personal hygiene, dating, gender identity, school, bullying, and social media. It also uses cartoon illustrations and comics throughout to support the text and they look really well done (from what I can see in the free Kindle sample).

The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods

3. The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods

By Robyn Steward

Okay, obviously this book isn't about autism itself, but it's a topic that is highly relevant to autistic teenage girls. Again, I haven't read this book because of the same reasons as above. But again, the reviews for it are fantastic. I often see this book recommended in autistic led Facebook groups too. Plus, it's written by an autistic author.

From what I've seen of the interior (thank you, Kindle free sample!), it looks really colorful and well thought out. It even has a section dedicated to photos and step-by-step guides that would be immensely helpful for so many girls, autistic or not. I also like that it discusses other period supplies such as menstrual cups and period underwear, showing options beyond pads and tampons, which I think is fantastic.

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