Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Free Printable Mario Themed Graphic Organizer for Writing

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Here's a fun graphic organizer for writing that's inspired by Mario! Free printable and digital Google Slides versions available.

Graphic organizers have been an invaluable tool to help my son with both his reading comprehension and his writing. 

I recently made this hamburger graphic organizer and I wondered if it was possible to take that format and structure and create other themed organizers for my son. Ones that might be even more interesting to him than a hamburger. 

I always try to include his interests in some way, if possible. It increases buy-in. And Mario is a current interest/passion of his.

So, after making the hamburger graphic organizer, it dawned on me that I could adapt the structure of a paragraph to the layout of a Mario level. After all, a Mario level needs supporting details too. Otherwise, it's just a boring piece of land to walk across. 

So if your kids love Mario like mine do, they're going to love this Mario themed graphic organizer for writing paragraphs.

Free Mario writing graphic organizer for kids

About this Graphic Organizer for Writing

A level in Mario would be pretty boring without details like warp pipes, question blocks, and the flag at the end of the level. The same goes for writing paragraphs. A paragraph without details, isn't much of a paragraph. 

This graphic organizer is designed to help kids plan out and organize their thoughts into sentences and ideas before writing a paragraph by building a level for Mario. 

First, you fill in the topic sentence for the question block by asking yourself, "What is this paragraph about?" Then you add three supporting details, one for each of the different pipes. Then you need to finish the paragraph off by sliding down the flag at the end of the level.

Download the Free Mario Themed Writing Graphic Organizer

This printable includes two Mario themed graphic organizers for writing, one with lines and one without, that your child can fill in to plan out their paragraphs. A digital Google Slides version is included as well. To get your copy, click the link below.

>> Click here to download the free printable

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Free Mario themed graphic organizer for writing paragraphs