Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Free Stretch a Sentence Poster & Graphic Organizers

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Make stretching a sentence a breeze with this free printable poster and graphic organizer worksheets.

Writing assignments have proven challenging for my son for a variety of reasons, but he has found using graphic organizers and breaking down the task into chunks helpful. 

He has also found the exercise of stretching a sentence particularly helpful because it helps him expand his thoughts and ideas into more detailed sentences and longer paragraphs.

While we use this exercise primarily for writing, it can certainly be helpful for speech and talking as well.

So how does this work? Let's find out!

Teach your kids how to stretch a sentence with this free printable poster and graphic organizers

How to Stretch a Sentence

Basically, you take an idea or thought the child has and use the 5 Ws to help expand the sentence into something longer and more detailed. You are essentially prompting them to ask themselves the 5 questions and write some kind of detail that answers each.

For example, the child wants to write about their dog Charlie. We have the who, but let's touch on the other WH questions to expand it further.

  • Who? My dog Charlie.
  • Doing what? My dog Charlie ran towards a tree.
  • When? Yesterday, my dog Charlie ran towards a tree.
  • Where? Yesterday, at the park, my dog Charlie ran towards a tree.
  • Why? Yesterday, at the park, my dog Charlie ran towards a tree because he wanted to chase a squirrel.
You can see how the sentence now has a lot more depth and detail. It's more interesting and informative. 

It's a really easy and straightforward exercise, one that my son has found particularly helpful. I created this poster to hang up at his school/homework station so that he can remember to do this exercise on his own when writing. You can grab a copy of the printables below.

Download the Free Stretch a Sentence Poster & Graphic Organizers

This printable pack includes one stretch a sentence poster with an example. It also includes two stretch a sentence graphic organizer worksheets, one with lines and one without, that your child can fill in. To get your copy of these resources, click the link below.

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Looking for More Graphic Organizers?

You'll find even more graphic organizers for reading and writing in the graphic organizers bundle pack.

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Free stretch a sentence poster

Free printable stretch a sentence graphic organizers