Monday, January 18, 2021

5 Free Hyperlexia PDF Resources that You Should Always Keep Handy

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Free must-have hyperlexia PDF resources for parents and teachers.

Regardless of how you learn of hyperlexia, I think you and I can both agree that there is a substantial lack of hyperlexia resources and information out there. There are definitely some incredible resources available these days, if you can find them. 

Don't worry, I've already done the legwork here for you and handpicked what I think are the must-have free hyperlexia PDF resources. Phew, I know...

The PDFs listed below are the ones that I reference frequently and have personally found helpful over the years. After all, I was once in your shoes typing "what is hyperlexia?" into Google.

But, I'll be honest, besides the lack of resources on hyperlexia, another thing you'll have to encounter for many years down the road is the lack of understanding of hyperlexia. People just don't know what it is. And it will be on you to have to educate others and explain this "diagnosis" to other people. These PDFS will be incredibly helpful to you when educating others.

So, in other words, these hyperlexia resources, aren't just helpful for the hyperlexia newbies. They're indispensable tools for explaining hyperlexia to others. And that's why you'll want to keep a copy of these handy at all times.

Free hyperlexia PDF resources for parents and teachers

5 Must Have Hyperlexia PDF Resources for any Parent & Teacher

Here are the must-have hyperlexia PDFs that you should have on hand at all times:

1. The Hyperlexia Handbook - My free handbook is the perfect introduction to any parent or teacher who is new to hyperlexia. It is also the only resource on this list that talks specifically about hypernumeracy, which is basically hyperlexia, but for numbers.

2. Hyperlexia: Therapy that Works Manual: A Guide for Parents & Teachers from CHAT (formerly The Center for Speech and Language Disorders) - You'll have to scroll down to the resources section to grab this publication. But, with 60+ pages of practical strategies and tips, this manual is incredibly helpful. 

So if you're looking for strategies and ideas to implement today, then you definitely want to have a copy of this. It covers a wide range of topics and outlines strategies that will make a huge difference for your hyperlexic child.

It's also a great resource to share with your child's teachers, support staff, and therapists too, but maybe not right away given its length...It might be a bit overwhelming for some to read through.

3. What is Hyperlexia? PDF from the Canadian Hyperlexia Association (now defunct) - Don't want to overwhelm your child's teacher with the 60+ page manual from above? Then this one is the perfect alternative.

This PDF is perfect for sharing with people who are brand new to hyperlexia and want a quick crash course on what hyperlexia is. The section on identifying hyperlexia is one of the best I've seen and is one I frequently screenshot and share with parents new to this journey.

4. Strategies for Working with Hyperlexia PDF from the Canadian Hyperlexia Association (now defunct) - Need practical strategies? Then this is the PDF for you. 

Jam packed with awesome ideas that you can start implementing today, this PDF covers a wide variety of topics from personal safety and social skills to classroom strategies and ideas for playing with your hyperlexic child.

5. Hyperlexia Handout for Parents - This printable is meant for you to fill out and give to your child's teacher, daycare provider, new therapist, or any other support staff, especially at the start of each school year. You can use it to outline your hyperlexic child's strengths, weaknesses, and interests while also introducing hyperlexia in a quick, easy to read one page document.

5 free must-have hyperlexia PDF resources for parents and teachers

5 free must-have hyperlexia PDF resources for parents and teachers