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Free Anger Management Games for Kids

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Looking for fun ways to teach your kids about anger and how to cope with it? Try these awesome free anger management games for kids!

Many kids struggle with managing anger and big explosive emotions. Some days it seems like they're a volcano just waiting to erupt. They might explode, seemingly out of nowhere, with lava gushing and splattering everywhere, making it quite clear that they might need some help developing their anger control skills.

For many kids, it's hard to recognize possible anger triggers and warning signs in their body. And they might not know how to verbalize and articulate those big feelings.

Or it could be that they haven't found the right coping skills and strategies or anger management techniques. Of course, this step takes quite a bit of practice and a little bit of experimentation to see what works.

Below you will find a bunch of free anger management games for kids that focus on recognizing triggers, identifying anger, and coping with anger in fun, playful ways.

So if you're currently overwhelmed with your child's behaviors that result from unmanaged anger, then you're hopefully going to find these anger activities helpful. They're full of great anger management strategies!

Anger management games for kids and teens

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Free Anger Management Games for Kids

You're going to love these printable and digital anger games. They are a great way to work on identifying anger and coping skills with your kids. All are free. But please note that some of the following do require you to have a Teachers Pay Teachers account, which is also free. 

1. Free Printable Anger Dice Game - Roll the dice. Then answer an anger management related question based on what number you roll. You could also adapt this game to work on other emotions or feelings other than anger.

2. The M&Ms Anger Game from Ashley Redondo on Teachers Pay Teachers - If you're looking for fun anger management activities, then try this one. After all, it does involve candy and what kid wouldn't enjoy that? To play this game, you randomly pick an M&M from the bag. Then you have to answer an anger related question based on the color of M&M you pick. Simple, effective, and delicious, all in one.

3. Free Printable Anger Catcher from Home Stories A to Z - I loved playing with these things as a kid! You probably did too, right? Well, this one is focused on helping kids learn how to manage their anger. Such a fun anger management game, don't you think?

4. Virtual Anger Management Jeopardy Game from Jeopardy Labs - This game is entirely virtual. That means it could be a great game to play over Zoom or in teletherapy. It's also great for working on WH questions and inferencing.

5. Free Customizable Anger Bingo Cards from My Free Bingo Cards - Build your own anger bingo game (or use their suggestions). You can print and play or just play this game virtually. Could be a great anger management party game if that's something you're looking for. Although do the words party and anger even belong together in the same sentence? Probably not...

6. Free Printable Anger Words Word Search for Kids from Monster Word Search - This free word search is a great way to expand your child's emotional vocabulary. Your kids will learn other ways to describe anger.

7. Anger Strategies Memory Matching Game from The Counselor Corner on Teachers Pay Teachers - Match the different strategies with this great anger management activity. It's perfect for little ones!

8. Free Blank Anger Management Bingo Card from Mylemarks on Teachers Pay Teachers - To play, fill in the blank card with some coping strategies for anger. Then when your child needs help regulating, they can pick some strategies from their bingo card and try to get three in a row.

9. Free Printable Anger Management Fortune Teller from Creative Social Learning on Teachers Pay Teachers - Another free cootie catcher printable. This one is similar to one mentioned above. But the anger management skills listed in this one are especially great for younger kids. Either way, you could use this idea as inspiration to create your own. Just customize it with different strategies, triggers, and discussion prompts.

10. Anger Management Game with Beach Ball or Playing Cards Printable from Counseling Fanny Pack of Fun on TPT - This printable needs to be paired with either a beach ball that you label with numbers or a deck or playing cards. This game would be great for a group of kids.

Need Help Teaching Your Child About Anger? Grab this Social Story!

Remember, to help your child understand anger, it's also important to teach your child what anger is and what it looks like in the body. Thankfully, teaching your kid all about anger is easy with this anger social story

While this social story isn't free, it is a helpful tool to build your child's emotional intelligence. It easily explains what anger is and uses full color photos. It also includes a space for your child to write down their favorite strategies to use when coping with anger. You're going to love it!

Anger social story for kids

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This social story will definitely be a great complement to any of the anger management games for kids listed above.

Free anger management games for kids and teens