Friday, July 30, 2021

Free Reading Bingo Challenge for Kids

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Need a fun reading incentive for your kids? Try reading bingo and challenge your kids to keep reading all year round or try it is a summer reading challenge.

When you have a hyperlexic child, you own a ridiculous amount of books. It's just par for the course, as they say. I mean hyperlexic kids just can't get enough of books, especially when they're toddlers and preschoolers. Word reading is kind of their thing after all.

However, it's not uncommon for some hyperlexic kids to lose interest in books as they grow older. I know it might seem unusual for a child that was literally born ready to read would one day not enjoy reading. But it's more common than you think. 

The middle school grades in particular are when parents start to notice this decrease in reading interest in their hyperlexic kids. See common hyperlexia milestones for more info. This decrease is often - but not always! - related to the comprehension issues that are common to hyperlexia.

But sometimes these kids just need some extra motivation to read. And other times they just need some extra encouragement to try some new books that will spark that interest for them again. So why not propose a simple, low-key reading challenge?

Now, one thing that I've noticed with my own hyperlexic son is that he'll be motivated to try new things (or at least do the things he usually drags his heels with!) as long as I gamify it. Yep, you turn something into a game or challenge and he's all in.

That's where this free printable reading bingo game comes in! 

It's a great way to help kids maintain their interest in reading or at least get kids excited about reading again. You could also use this challenge to encourage your child to branch out and read something new. Either way, it's tons of fun!

Free book bingo reading challenge for kids

How to Play Reading Bingo

Like regular bingo, you are trying to encourage your child to get a line or maybe even a blackout. All they have to do is a little bit of reading depending on what's found on the free reading bingo printable. Then, after they complete the mini tasks or challenges found on the bingo card, they simply cross it off.

Remember that the goal here is to keep things fun and stress free. So let your child randomly pick which book challenge they want to do next. 

And let them use whatever book they think fits the challenge. Yes, even if it's the same book that they've read a hundred times already. There's plenty to gain from reading the same book over and over.

You can even use this fun reading bingo game as a summer reading challenge. Or use it any time there is a school break. 

Download the Free Reading Bingo Challenge Printable

This printable includes one book bingo card with a variety of fun reading challenges for kids. To get a copy of the reading bingo, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable

Free reading bingo challenge & game board for kids