Wednesday, August 18, 2021

15+ Awesome Construction Sensory Bin Ideas for Kids

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You're going to love these awesome construction sensory bin ideas for toddlers and preschoolers. They're perfect for kids who love trucks and construction vehicles.

If your kids are interested in construction trucks or even construction signs (hello, my hyperlexic learners!), then it might be time to try a little construction sensory play. After all, I'm all about leaning into and using your child's interests.

So go ahead and grab those trucks and get ready to pair them with a fun sensory base. Then just like that you'll have an instant construction site. However, I totally understand if you feel like you're not creative enough to just whip up a sensory bin like this. 

But that's where these construction sensory bin ideas come in though. They'll give you some inspiration to get started. And save you from having to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

Construction sensory bin activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Your Kids are Going to Love these Construction Sensory Bin Ideas!

1. Cinnamon Soap Foam & Trucks Sensory Play (pictured below) - Cinnamon soap foam is one of my all time favorite sensory bin fillers ever! You're going to want to whip some up. Then all you need to do is add some trucks. Then it's the perfect little construction activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Plus, it smells so good!

Construction sensory bin with cinnamon soap foam

2. Construction Zone Sensory Bin with Alphabet Rocks from Modern Preschool (pictured in collage) - I love the addition of alphabet rocks to this sensory bin. It's a great way to get your hyperlexic kid interested in playing.

3. Construction Themed Taste Safe Sensory Bin from The Play Based Mom - This activity uses some stale food from the pantry as the base. It's really quite brilliant.

4. Simple Cornmeal Construction Site Sensory Bin from Busy Toddler (pictured in collage) - The cornmeal base really plays into the colors of the little yellow trucks. It looks like a lot of fun!

5. Construction Truck Sensory Bin from Frugal Fun For Boys & Girls - This idea uses black beans as the base. But what I really love is the cool cardboard ramp that they made to add to this bin.

6. Construction Zone Sensory Bin with DIY Road Signs from Mama. Papa. Bubba. - I love the addition of construction zone work signs and natural materials in this bin.

7. Shredded Paper Construction Site from Busy Toddler - Oh my goodness, this one would be so much fun! Shredded paper is such a cool sensory experience.

8. Construction Site Sensory Bin from Active Littles - This one uses black beans and colorful pom poms. It would be quick and easy to set up too.

9. Sand Foam Construction Sensory Play from Messy Little Monster - The sand foam base in this bin would provide such an interesting texture. Perfect for trucks to scoop up too.

10. Easy Construction Site Sensory Bin with Dry Pasta from Happy Toddler Playtime - This activity would take literally seconds to set up. Just dump and play.

11. Construction Sensory Bin with Real Pebbles from Mama. Papa. Bubba. - I love that this one uses real pebbles that are perfect for scooping and pouring. But obviously not great if your little one is still in the mouthing stage.

12. Chocolate Cloud Dough Construction Site Sensory Play from Powerful Mothering - I bet this smells amazing! And it's a nice alternative to play sand.

13. Construction Small World Sensory Play with Toddler Safe "Rocks" from Still Playing School - The base for this activity is really cool. And it's perfect for kids who still like to put things in their mouths.

14. Clean the Construction Trucks Sensory Play from Busy Toddler - How fun would this one be? Your kids can get the trucks all messy and then clean them all off.

15. Construction Site Sensory Play from Craftulate - The sensory bin filler in this one is a mix of sand, rocks, and old grains from the pantry so it would have lots of neat textures to explore.

16. Oobleck Construction Site Activity from NutureStore - If you're okay with a little bit of a mess - okay, a big mess! - then this sensory bin is the one for you to try.

17. Construction Site Activity Bin from Happy Hooligans - Have some construction worker toys on hand? Then this sensory activity is perfect for you!

18. Taste Safe Construction Bin for Toddlers & Babies from Messy Little Monster - Grab some trucks and some Cheerios for this activity. It's super easy to set up!

So hopefully you've got some fresh inspiration for some new sensory activities inspired by construction sites now. I mean there are some pretty awesome construction sensory bin ideas above. So, you're bound to find something your kid will love!

The best construction sensory bin activity ideas for toddlers and preschoolers