Thursday, August 26, 2021

Free Editable Backpack Checklist for School

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Back to school time is here! Grab the free editable backpack checklist for school. It's a great tool for helping your kids stay organized, while building independence skills.

With the rush to get to school on time every morning, it wasn't uncommon for us to get to the school only to realize that my son forgot his glasses. Or we'd get home after school pickup to realize that he left his water bottle in the classroom. These little oopses would invariably lead to tears and yes, even meltdowns.

So we started using simple checklists, school morning routine charts, and other visuals. Simple tools to make sure my son had everything that he needed for the school day. 

For instance, we had a big sign on our back door to remind my son to check that he had his glasses on before we stepped foot into the garage. That was particularly helpful. At least for getting to school...Getting the glasses home though? Well, not so much.

We also started using a backpack checklist for school. A written list of items that my son was responsible for remembering to pack and goodness, was it ever helpful! 

After all, using a written checklist is a great strategy for supporting hyperlexic kids. It's a strategy that has worked for us time and time again. And it works because it plays to their strength of reading.

So if your child needs a bit of help with back to school organization, then you're going to love this back to school printable!

Back to school backpack checklist for kids - includes a free printable that's editable!

About the Editable Backpack Checklist for School

I've included two types of checklists. One for heading to school and one for heading home. That's because sometimes your child might need to bring different things to school and different things home. So I wanted to make sure you had the correct wording for both.

I highly recommend printing both types of checklists and putting them back to back so you can create one double-sided luggage tag checklist. That way the things they'll need to take school will be on one side and the things they need to bring home will be on the other side.

And since this printable checklist is editable, you'll be able to customize it with whatever you want and with whatever wording you want. Does your child always forget to bring their glasses home? Add it to the list! Do they forget to bring money to buy milk at lunch? Add it to the list! Need your child to bring their chewies home every day so you can sanitize them? Add it to the list too!

Once you download the PDF, you'll be able to type your child's backpack essentials directly into it. Then cut, laminate, and add it to your child's backpack using a keychain ring or string. 

Or if you'd prefer something more flexible, then you can just print the blank tags and laminate as is. Then you can use a dry erase marker to customize the list every school day. This option is great for when there are changes in the daily routine like going on a field trip where you might need to pack a few extra items. Or report card days where your child is responsible for bringing a report card home.

Another option is to combine a premade one with the more flexible one. Edit the PDF to include the items that will be regularly going back and forth between school, but leave a few blank spots at the bottom. Then you can fill them in with dry erase markers.

Download the Free School Backpack Checklist Printable

This one page printable includes four checklists total, two of each type: bring home checklist and to school checklist. 

It is editable meaning you can customize it with whatever you want! However, you cannot edit it directly in Google Drive. You must download the PDF and save it to your computer first. Then you should be able to edit it after you open the file.

To get a copy of the backpack checklist for school, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable

Free editable printable backpack checklist for school. It's great for kids of all ages (yes, even high school kids!) as they return back to school.