Sunday, October 31, 2021

Free Video Game Themed Posters for Writing a Complete Sentence

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Many kids need reminders to include periods and capital letters when writing a complete sentence. These free video game themed posters can help! Kids can use them to check their work for complete sentences.

One advantage to having my boys doing online school is that I get to be even more involved in their day to day schoolwork. I can easily see where they are thriving and where they might need some extra support. 

Then I can whip up some visuals or graphic organizers, as needed, or I can find supplemental materials that can explain concepts in different ways to help things stick.

One of my boys was getting regular comments from his teachers about forgetting periods and/or capital letters in his sentences. He's not alone here. I know many kids forget these things. I also overheard the teacher remind the entire class about this as well since many of his classmates were also forgetting to use complete sentences.

Anyway, one morning I had this brilliant idea to take his passion for video games and create him a visual aid. Something that would help him remember to write in complete sentences and check for the most common things that basic sentences need.

And that's where these free video game themed posters for writing a complete sentence come in. He absolutely loves it. As I knew he would! I mean you add video games to anything and he's all over it.

After I made this visual, I snapped a quick photo and shared it in my Instagram stories. Turns out quite a few people wanted a copy for their kids as well. So here we are...

Free video game themed visual aids for writing a complete sentence

How to Use these Posters to Check for Complete Sentences

The main point of using these posters is to encourage a child to self-check their work for complete sentences. 

In particular, they can use these posters to check that their sentences have a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end.

Now, since these are video game controller themed, the terminology used on these posters play off the start and select buttons found on controllers. So did they start their sentence with a capital letter? Did they select the correct punctuation to end their sentence with?

Obviously I've paired these statements with some cute video game controller clipart. By the way, it's the same clipart that was used for these coping skills worksheets and this I spy game. You know, in case you want some more interest-based printables for your video game loving kiddo...Can you tell I have some huge video game fans in my house??

Anyway, these complete sentence posters are great to hang up both at home or in the classroom. Just put them somewhere that makes it easy for your child to reference when reviewing their written work. I have one hanging up on my son's white board by his work station for online school.

Download the Free Writing a Complete Sentence Posters

This printable pack includes 3 different posters, each using a different video game controller. Kids can pick and choose their favorite to use when checking their assignments for complete sentences.

To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

>> Click here to download this free printable

Free complete sentences visual aid/posters for kids that are video game themed