Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Free Printable Pumpkin Themed Emotions Chart

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A free printable pumpkin themed emotions chart for kids. It's perfect for helping kids open up about their emotions around Halloween time.

Many kids are excited about Halloween. But there are also many who are not. They might be worried or nervous instead. So that means that some kids might need a bit of extra support when it comes to emotional regulation during this holiday season.

A good starting point is to help kids identify and label their feelings about Halloween. 

And one way to do that is to use this free printable pumpkin themed emotions chart. It's a simple way to open up discussions about how your child might be feeling.

Free printable pumpkin themed emotions chart for kids

About this Pumpkin Emotions Chart

This emotions chart is perfect for using in the fall months, leading up to Halloween. It's a fun and festive way to talk about different emotions that your child might be feeling.

Your child can simply point to the pumpkin face that represents how they're feeling or they could draw a circle around the pumpkin. There's even an option to draw and name their own emotion using a blank pumpkin as their canvas. It's almost like carving their own pumpkin...just without the ooey, gooey mess of the pumpkin guts.

Anyway, if you're planning to draw on it, then I highly recommend laminating this printable first and using dry erase markers. That way you can reuse it day after day. Here's the laminator I use and love

If you don't have a laminator, then you can also just use clear sheet protectors, which you can usually find at the dollar store. Just slip the printable inside and voila!

Download the Free Printable Pumpkin Themed Emotions Chart

This one page printable has 12 pumpkins (11 with facial expressions and one blank) that represent different emotions. Each pumpkin is paired with a related emotion word.

To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable

Want More Pumpkin Themed Emotions Activities?

This emotion chart is a free sample from the Pumpkin Themed Emotions Pack. If you love this activity and this theme, then grab a copy of the full emotions pack below.

Pumpkin themed emotions pack for kids

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Free printable pumpkin emotions chart for kids - perfect for Halloween!