Monday, December 13, 2021

Free Printable Christmas Ornament Emotions Activity

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Looking for a Christmas emotions activity? Try this free printable Christmas ornament emotions activity for kids!

I find that emotions are all over the place at Christmas time and that many people - adults included! - often need help regulating. 

But part of being able to regulate is being able to identify emotions. And many kids need some help learning about their emotions and regulating, which is where this activity comes in.

So get ready to decorate the feelings tree with this Christmas ornament emotions activity. You can grab the freebie below.

Free printable Christmas ornament emotion activity for kids

About this Christmas Ornament Emotions Activity

This activity is all about learning about emotions while decorating the Christmas tree. The idea is to match the facial expression of the different ornaments with the correct emotion word on the tree and hang it up in its correct place on the tree.

To play, simply pick an ornament emotion card, identify the potential emotion it represents, and then search for a word on the tree that makes sense.

Or you could pick an emotion word on the tree first and then search for the corresponding ornament. Either way is perfectly fine!

You could also use this activity as a cut and paste activity, if you'd like. Just cut out the ornaments and glue them to the proper spot on the tree.

Download the Free Christmas Ornament Emotions Printable

This two page printable includes one Christmas tree with emotion words on it and 7 round ornament faces representing different feelings. To get your copy of the Christmas ornament emotions activity, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable

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Free printable Christmas ornament emotion activity for kids